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On 3rd September 2020, Masaaki Sakai started a Twitter account.
Masaaki Sakai (@machaaki_sakai) / Twitter
In his self-introduction, he says that his favourite food is bananas!
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Sending fanmail to Masaaki Sakai

Masaaki Sakai's management have told me that he will receive fanmail sent to him at this address:

Masaaki Sakai
S Dash
Roppongi, Minato-ku
JAPAN 106-0032


He was born on 6th August 1946 in Tokyo, the second son of comedian Shunji Sakai. His real name is Masaaki Kurihara. In 1955, he transferred from Gyosei primary school to St. Michael's school. In 1959, he entered Kamakura Gakuen Middle School and in 1962 went on to Kamakura Gakuen High School. When he was 6, in 1952, he made his first screen appearance in Shochiku's TOKYO KISHIDEN, using his stage name, Masaaki Sakai.

After that, he appeared in HAHA WA SAKIBINAKU, also in 1952, Shin Toho's HAWAI CHONDOCHU in 1954 etc. Then he turned to singing. In 1962, he joined the Japanese rock group, The Spiders, as a vocalist (he also played the flute at times). The following year, 1963, he left school. From about 1966 onwards, The Spiders rode a wave of popularity, along with The Tigers and The Tempters. In 1966 they had a hit, "Taiyo ga naite iru" and in 1970, "Electronic obachan" etc. Sakai achieved sudden popularity, and invented the "monkey dance" which became a craze all over Japan (see the picture from The Spiders single Furi Furi / Monkey Dance to see him doing the 'monkey dance'). The group made two films for Nikkatsu in 1967, two more for the same film company the following year and one for Toho also in 1968.

Here's a photo of The Spiders taken at their management office (click on it to see a larger version of it):
The Spiders at their management office

Here's another 2 photos of The Spiders (see if you can spot Masaaki!) - click on them to see larger versions.
Photo of The Spiders, Masaaki Sakai's old band Another Photo of The Spiders, Masaaki Sakai's old band

The Spiders are still very famous in Japan. In the Spiders, only Ohno Katsuo (keyboard), Inoue Takayuki, and a bass player had musical backgrounds. Tanabe Shouchi (drummer) was a president of the management office and a music publisher, who was forced to become a member due to the shortage of members. Masaaki Sakai had already acted (movies like Funaki Kazuo's seishun/kikaku - mono) by then. They also needed a handsome-looking one to appeal to female fans, and so Inoue Jun was hired. In those days, not many keyboard player used both hands! In Japan, the Spiders are Mod icons, and figurines of the band were produced; they are so collectable that they cost as much as ?00! For lots more information about the Spiders, check out the Spiders web site.

In 1970, the group disbanded and Sakai became independent as a solo singer. In 1971, he had the hit, "Saraba, koibito" and received Nihon Record Grand Prix Popular Award. After he went solo, he made a number of comedies for Toho in the early 70s. He has appeared in other films for other studios throughout his career up to the present.

From the Spiders, Tanabe Shochi now owns one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan, the Tanabe Agency (Masaaki Sakai's first agency), and Jun Inoue who still performs with the Spiders occasionally, but is known as actor and comedian. Note: the �䐳�� web page tells us that Masaaki Sakai currently belongs to both S-Dash and Tanabe Agency.

With his small frame (ed.: in real life, he looks very much as he does in MONKEY with the same cheeky face but he doesn't have heavy sideburns or such thick eyebrows.), he moves his body well and can make people laugh with his deft, clever nonsense actions and his gags. He shows a comedic sense which he inherited from his father.

In television, in 1970, he received the Golden Arrow Special Prize on TBS' JIKAN DESU YO and made many appearances including SAIYUKI (MONKEY) on various networks throughout the 70s.

In May 1974, he got married. A few years later, they were divorced. He didn't have any children in his first marriage.

In 1989 he re-married to Millie Okada who was an actress and fashion model. He is known to be a devoted husband and father, and has two daughters, Kikuno and Koharu. He has said of his daughters, 'they're so cute that I don't mind if I put into my eyes.' (this is a Japanese expression). Before their marriage, Millie Okada was once a model for women's magazines. Since both Masaaki and Millie began supporting activities to fight against AIDS, she sometimes appears on TV talk shows to speak out for their campaign.
A Japanese friend of mine sent me this information about Masaaki Sakai in July 2000:
"I happened to see a long interview with Millie Okada (Mrs. Sakai) on TV the other day. She talked a lot about Sakai as a husband and a father of two little daughters. You know he has been married twice. He founded "Sakai Masaaki Aids Fund" and helps fighting against Aids by conducting various activities. Although he is a very popular figure here, this part of his personality in not so well known."
They divorced in 2001.

When Masaaki was 6 years old, he lived in Kamakura (suburb of Tokyo). They had a strange lodger, Yonosuke Yamazaki. Before becoming an entertainer, Shunji Sakai (his father) was working at a public bath. Yonosuke was the owner of the public bath. He lost his ownership of the public bath because of debt, and he stayed at Shunji's house. Masaaki says 'I thought Yonosuke was my real grandfather, but he wasn't actually.' Even after Shunji's death, Yonosuke continued to live with them, when they moved. Once, Yonosuke secretly took Masaaki's sunglasses out for his 'the retired' meeting and took a picture. On another occasion, he picked up the phone and imitated Masaaki's voice for a joke. Masaaki says 'I might be seeking for 'Fatherhood' in Yonosuke. He died at about 90 years old like sleeping.' Masaaki continues 'I think I could help him to make his life great.'

Masaaki Sakai's father, Shunji Sakai, was a famous actor and vaudevillian, often performing at theatres in Asakusa (in Tokyo). He appeared in some movies, including The Spiders' movies 'Spiders no Daishoudou' and 'Spiders no Daishigeki'. He was a famous comedian, sometimes he acted as an old lady, in some Spiders movie he appeared such a old lady and said to Machaaki "Wanna see your parents?" (this is Japanese rubber stamp to young rudy boys).

He is known as a singer, and is a popular tv host and entertainer on many prime time TV shows in Japan, and occasionally he acts in (comedy) drama series. He is one of the biggest stars in Japan, and is still on TV a lot (he recently had two daytime shows). He is known as a "great entertainer" now and has the nick-name "Macha-aki". He is well-loved and is well known for being funny.

His songs used to be pop music, and although he has sung moody ballads it is not enka - he has never been an enka singer. In 1999, he came back as a member of Sans Filter, in which he sings beat numbers. Once a year, there is a Japanese TV programme called Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red-White Singer Clash). The best singers are picked and divided into male vs female singers. It's worth watching this programme as Masaaki may appear on it.

Masaaki is a famous car enthusiast, and has competed several times in the annual Mille Miglia retrospective car race in Italy (it takes place every May), including in May 1998, with his wife as navigator (the Morning Freeway web page includes a photo of Masaaki Sakai competing the Mille Miglia race in 1998).
Some news: "On 18 October 2000, Masaaki Sakai entered a Japanese road race with his pal Inoue (the guitarist of Sans Filter), he won the race! Got No.1 prize! It's amazing!"
Here's the information for Masaaki Sakai's entry in the 2000 Mille Miglia race (driver number 245) - note that he's registered under his real name, Masaaki Kurihara:
Co driver TSUKADA
Nationality Japanese.
In 2002, he gave his car, Alfa Romeo, to Masahiko "Macchi" KONDO who is a famous singer and racer, because Masaaki Sakai was absent from the classic car race, La Festa Mille Miglia 2002 due to his business.

His height is 165 cm.

Usually, he never meets fans, but in November 1998, he met with me and Nikki Brown, since we'd travelled all the way from England to Japan in the hope of meeting him. During our meeting with him, we found out that he speaks some English, and also noticed that he barely seems to have aged (just a few grey hairs) since doing Monkey in 1978. For more information about our meeting with him, see the The Day I Met Monkey page.

Also on the subject of how good Masaaki Sakai's English is - according to someone who knows him: "Sakai san speaks fair English.....". Plus, when he did the interview with Front magazine, the English journalist who conducted the interview said:
"Sakai speaks limited English - Millie speaks it very well. There was an interpreter present during the interview who helped us overcome any language barriers that cropped up." (PS Millie is Masaaki Sakai's ex-wife.)

Masaaki has great comic timing and he really is a fun and quirky actor to watch. Even though we don't get to hear his real voice in the English dubbed version of Monkey, his facial expressions often say everything.
Some information from a Japanese friend about whether Masaaki Sakai had received any martial arts training for the role:
"He is not a martial arts specialist. He somehow learned it for the drama. Japanese TV has samurai drama tradition, so actors can take it into their performances. Masaaki Sakai is now known as a very versatile actor."
In the original Japanese version, the Monkey character's name is "Songoku" (Son is Family Name. Goku is first name).
When Monkey was first shown in Japan, it was possible to buy a toy retractable Monkey staff. Oh boy do I want one!

Masaaki was once asked to revive "Monkey" in a parody show but he declined, saying that the show was quite special to him and best kept untouched.

Before acting alongside Masako Natsume in Monkey, he appeared in Toei's Truck Yaro:Otoko Ippiki Momotaro movie with her.

Monkey's dubbed English voice sounds almost identical to the Japanese voice of Masaaki Sakai in the original version.

For a long time now, we've thought that Masaaki Sakai contributed just 2 songs to Monkey season 2:
- The song played at the end of all season 2 episodes (it ends with the words "Magic Monkey"), just before the end credits. This song is called "Songoku" (co-written by Yukihide Takekawa from Godiego) and was released as a single in Japan. A longer clip of this song can be heard near the start of episode 34, "Keep on Dancing". "Songoku" was composed by composed by Yoko & Takekawa. Yoko = Yoko Narahashi. She wrote the words to Songoku, Gandhara, Monkey Magic .. almost all the words of Godiego songs are written by her.
- A Japanese version of the Godiego ballad "Thank You, Baby". This can be heard in episode 11, "The Difference Between Night and Day", and episode 15, "Monkey Meets The Demon Digger".

Well, my Japanese friend has managed to find 2 Masaaki Sakai EPs:
1) Songoku
The A-side is "Songoku", and the B-side is his Japanese version of the Godiego song "Havoc in Heaven", called "20 Oku Nen No Kurayami"
2) Ima Dewa Ososugiru
The A-side is "Imadewa Ososugiru", and the B-side is "Kono Michi No Hatemademo", Masaaki Sakai's version of the Godiego song "Thank You, Baby".
Would you be interested in hearing any of these songs? If so, send me a message using the Monkey Feedback page, and if I ever manage to track down copies, I'll let you know.

(a) His song "Ima Dewa Ososugiru" is the third song that Masaaki Sakai recorded for "Monkey". This can be heard in episode 15, "Monkey Meets The Demon Digger", straight after Monkey is sent away by Tripitaka.
(b) Strictly speaking, "Kono Michi No Hatemademo" isn't another version of "Thank You, Baby" - it's a different song to the same tune - the lyrics aren't a direct translation) was released as a single in Japan. The Japanese lyrics mean:
"Flowers, Birds, don't ask me where we go.
We would just walk on. It's only such a thing.

Your heart, your word, I will never forget them.
(thanks to Eiji Ikeda who translated these and sent them to me in 1999)

I don't have the actual EPs, but my friend sent me photocopies of the record sleeves. They can be seen in the Records section further down this page.
Note that I've included "massive" versions of the back sleeves just in case you would like to read the tiny Japanese kanji characters (they're difficult to distinguish between one another unless the scans are massive)
The back sleeves to both these EPs contain the lyrics for all the songs. The Japanese romanji lyrics and English translation for these songs can be found on the pages below:
Monkey Music - Lyrics of "Songoku" by Masaaki Sakai
Monkey Music - Lyrics of "20 Oku Nen No Kurayami" by Masaaki Sakai
Monkey Music - Lyrics of "Ima Dewa Ososugiru" by Masaaki Sakai
Monkey Music - Lyrics of "Kono Michi No Hatemademo" by Masaaki Sakai

There is a rumour that he has something to do with the restaurant business.

In Japan, Masaaki Sakai sometimes does lunchtime and dinner shows, in which he sings, tells jokes, performs tricks, and often involves members of the audience. On Christmas Eve 1996, he did one at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

On Christmas Eve 1997, he did another one at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

In November 1998, he did 2 dates at hotels in Japan:
08/11 Plaza Inn Mizusawa (Mizusawa, Iwate-prefecture)
14/11 Imabari International Hotel (Imabari,Ehime-prefecture)

News [May 2000]

In May 2000, I received an email from Masaaki Sakai's manager, giving me information about his new band "Sans Filtre", and other information.

At the time of the email (24 May 2000), he was in Italy taking part in the Mille Miglia race.

Masaaki Sakai heard that the first 2 Monkey videos were successful in the UK, and he is happy to hear the big sales of the videos and the wide appeal for the people in the UK. He was pleasantly surprised that he has a high popularity among young people.

For information about Sans Filtre, see the Monkey Cast - Masaaki Sakai - Sans Filtre" web page.

In the first week of September 2000, for the first time ever, Masaaki Sakai watched the English-dubbed version of Monkey at home with his daughters. Usually he doesn't watch programmes in which he's appeared. But he enjoyed watching Monkey. He even said that the English-dubbed voice is close to his own. He also said that he was very active at the time!

News [Dec 2018]

On Thursday 6th December 2018, Masaaki Sakai performed 2 dinner shows at Blue Note Tokyo:

It was his first concert in 2 years! His previous concert was on 8th December 2016 - he did a 70th birthday anniversary concert, also at Blue Note Tokyo:
Masaaki Sakai 70 years old anniversary special concert at Blue Note Tokyo on 12/8 | Musicman-net

You can see photos from the concert on the Machaaki 70th birthday celebration concert page. Sadly, Monsieur Kamayatsu (another Sans Filtre / Spiders band member) passed away on 1st March 2017, at the age of 78.

His stage productions include:

Oshaberi Denroku (1995) (Meijiza)
In 1996, Masaaki Sakai won an award (Minister of Education Award for New Artists) - here's the details:
"Field: Popular Entertainment
Name: Masaaki Sakai (real name: Masaaki Kurihara)
Age: 49
Profession: Comedian
Awarded for: Performing the comedy, "Oshaberi Denroku.(Talkative Denroku)"

Gozonzi Isshin Tasuke, Mekara uroko no monogatari (2000) (Meijiza)
In August 2000, Masaaki Sakai performed a stage comedy based on famous character of Edo period. This show was called "Gozonzi Isshin Tasuke, Mekara uroko no monogatari". (Tasuke Isshin means "Story of awakening".) Tasuke Isshin is a legendary person in fiction like Robin Hood.
Here's a scan of the newspaper clipping advertising this show - click on it to see a larger version:
Masaaki Sakai's stage show in August 2000
It played from 1 August from 27 August 2000 at the Meijiza, Tokyo.
Here's some more information I received about Masaaki Sakai's stage comedy:
"Sakai's stage comedy is, as you know from newspaper cutting, a period drama based on a very popular character of early Edo era. The title of comedy is "Gozonji Isshin Tasuke" meaning "The famous Isshin Tasuke". Sakai plays Tasuke, a fish peddler, who is honest and straight without fear of authority. This story was repeatedly made into movies, stages and TV dramas.
Actually NHK made Tasuke story for prime time this year. Sakai's stage comedy is shown at Meijiza theater, Tokyo, till 27 this month."

His TV shows include:

Jikan Desu Yo (1970) (TBS)
He received the Golden Arrow Special Prize for his performance in this tv comedy show. Sakai appeared as the main act, who worked as a public bath boy. Monsieur Kamayatsu (another Sans Filtre / Spiders band member) appeared too. In some episode, they formed a bath boys rock band.

"Hacchaki Machaaki" (1970s) (TBS)
This was Masaaki Sakai's most popular TV show in the 1970s - it was a comedy TV variety show with short cont and music.

Kakkurakin dai housou (1976 - 1986) (NTV)
This was a live sitcom. I saw this on Japanese TV every morning while I was on holiday in Japan in 2001.

Top 10 Chart Hits (1970s)
Back in the 1970s, Masaaki Sakai used to present a 'Top 10 Chart Hits' music TV show in Japan, and since Godiego were on this TV show a lot, he got to know the band members quite well.

Monkey ('Saiyuuki' in Japanese) (1978) (NTV)
This web site is dedicated to Monkey, so for more information about it, go to the Monkey Heaven homepage.

Daddy Survival
[The Alex's Japanese Drama List web page includes listings for 2 of Masaaki Sakai's TV shows: "Papa Survival", "Sekai de Ichiban Papa ga Suki". These TV shows are available on video for trade (not for sale).]

Sekai de Ichiban Papa ga Suki
If you have any information about this show, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.
[The Alex's Japanese Drama List web page includes listings for 2 of Masaaki Sakai's TV shows: "Papa Survival", "Sekai de Ichiban Papa ga Suki". These TV shows are available on video for trade (not for sale).]

Here's the Kitchen! / Saturday Night Chubaw! ('Chuubou desuyo!' in Japanese) (TBS)
His weekly/daily (?) comedy cookery show.
This cookery entertainment programme is hosted by Masaaki Sakai with his assistant Tohko Amemiya, and features many celebrity guests. This show is completely different from other cookery entertainment programmes in that the dishes are good sometimes and very BAD at other times! The chatting among the participants is hilarious. Sometimes Masaaki has to cook things himself on this show. There was one show where these three chefs were giving tips and advice and Masaaki Sakai had to cook a meal.
In one show, a celebrity tried to make a traditional Japanese dish 'niku-jaga' (beef and potato) with the help of cooking tips given by chefs.
Masaaki Sakai (host), Touko Amemiya (hostess) and a guest try cooking the prepared menu, by following the instructions of three professional chefs (sometimes a video recording, sometimes they're live in the studio). After dinner the guest gives a rating from zero to three points (stars).

Superhuman Coliseum
This show showcases people with very bizarre "talents". Masaaki Sakai is one of the hosts of this TV show.
NOTE: In the UK, clips from show are often shown on the ITV show "Tarrant on TV", and it's often possible to see Masaaki in the clip!
Here's some information I received from an Australian Monkey fan in September 1999:
"Did anyone in OZ see the show Unreal TV on Sunday night (channel 10)?
Masaaki Sakai was in the very last clip - they were showing a bit from his show (probably "Superhuman Coliseum") and some guy was drinking milk and regurgitating it through his nose, then drinking tadpoles and then regurgitating them through his nose, back into their tank. Now that's what I call quality programming.

Shinano no Columbo (1998)
He's a Japanese-style Columbo, called Iwao Takemura, and walks around in this baggy raincoat (he doesn't limp though). You see him going around putting the pieces together and solving the crime, it's so corny. The following web page says something about a trademark beige coat, and Shinano, it's about his Columbo TV film:

Celebrities' Hidden Talent Show ("Shinsyun Kakushigeitaikai" in Japanese) (Fuji TV)
This parlour trick competition is an annual event and back in the early days... Fuji TV's long running New Year special. This has been running in Japan for over 20 years. Masaaki Sakai shows fantastic talent on this show every year, e.g. pulling a table cloth from under a fully-laid table.
This is the most important TV show he does. It is screened on 2 or 3 Jan every year.
He is King of KAKUSHIGEI as he was in the dinner show where I met him in 1998- see the The Day I Met Monkey! page.
Shinsyun (noun) : New year
Kakushi (adj.): Hidden
Gei (noun) : Talent
Taikai(noun) : Open, Event, Show

Tennou no ryouriban
A serial where he played an Emperors' cook.

Fuji-TV, SUN, 9:00 pm, "ARUARU DAIJITEN", health information show - the whole name of "Aruaru" is "Aruaru dai jiten"; it means "Aruaru great dictionary".
A show he does about things that are good for your health.
In one show, the topic was how good vinegar is for health (the type of vinegar most commonly used in Japan is rice vinegar which has rather yellowish colour).

Tokugawa Yoshinobu (NHK)
A Japanese historical drama, in which all the men have partly-shaven heads and look very weird. NHK is a national network, sort of like the BBC.
The story is set sometime in the mid-19th century. At that time Japan started trading with overseas for the first time in about 300 years. New things came into Japan (in one episode the spreading of the newly-imported disease cholera is depicted) and the society became unstable. There were two parties: one comprised advocates of the feudal government of the time and the other was against it and thinking of establishing a new government.
NOTE: This is also shown by Japanese Satellite television (JSTV). In the UK, JSTV's telephone no. is 0171 426 7330, and their fax no. is 0171 426 7339

?Unknown name?
Masaaki portrayed some sort of wrestling robot.

Round the World (2000) (KIKU Television)
It looks like Masaaki Sakai was in London in 2000, doing this tourist programme for Japanese TV. The web page includes a photo of him.
The TV show is called "Rough the World", and Masaaki Sakai did episode 2:
"Episode 2 (4/19/00 & 4/26/00)
Sakai Masaaki takes you to London to visit spots off the beaten track--Perfume and jewelry shops frequently by the Royal Family; even a ghostly tour!

Adventure (2000) (Kyoto Broadcasting System)
Some information from a friend in Japan in August 2000:
"Masaaki Sakai still does a lot of Japanese TV. Seems like he and Beat Takeshi have got all the silly quiz shows and talk shows sewn up. Actually, Masaaki does this sweet 'Adventure' show that involves the guests winning little stuffed animals as they answer problems correctly. No guesses as to what the monkey dolls look like (^_^).
Can't be very old as it wasn't on this time last year. It is pretty stock stuff (There are another 2 shows like it). It is unusual to see something like this on Kyoto Broadcasting System though as they usually buy things in from TBS and Fuji TV. Actually though, the prog is a little bland and I much prefer the dippy thing he does (can't recall the name) hanging onto a wand with a little demon stuck into the top.

Unknown (2000)
Some information from a friend in Japan in August 2000:
"I much prefer the dippy thing he does (can't recall the name) hanging onto a wand with a little demon stuck into the top."
Do you know this TV show? If you can tell me its name, and any more information about it, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page

[He made many appearances on various networks throughout the 70s - which tv shows? If you know, please let me know.]

You may be able to see some of his shows on an Asian TV network, if where you live in has a large enough Japanese population.

His TV adverts include:

A beer commercial
With a bit where he sings a line and then says "good night" in English.

Nescafe canned coffee
Some information from a friend in Japan in August 2000:
"He's been doing more commercials these days too (including a dead dodgy one for Nescafe canned coffee)."

His movies include:

1. Spiders

Spiders movies (* is as a main act, their own movie - the other movies are where they appeared as guests)

Kougen no Ojyousan 65.12 Nikkatsu
Seishun A Go Go 66.3 Nikkatsu
Namidakun Sayounara 66.7 Nikkatsu
Yuuhi ga naiteiru 67.5 Nikkatsu
The Spiders no Go Go Mukoumizu sakusen 67.8 * Nikkatsu
Kigeki Ekimae 100 nen 67.11 Tohou
Kimi wa Koibito 67.11 Nikkatsu
The Spiders no Daishingeki 68.1 * Nikkatsu
Omoide no yubiwa 68.4 Shochiku
The Spiders no Daisoudou 68.5 Nikkatu
The Spiders no Baritou Chindouchu 68.8 Nikkatsu
Kitahodaka zessho 68.9 Toho
Nippon Oyafukou Jidai 68.12 * Toho

Some of The Spiders movies are sold as video, the price is about 4000yen. Their movies are all comedy with their briliant original songs. They are interesting enough even if you can't understand Japanese well.
All movies are comical and with many of their original songs. So if you can't understand Japanese, you can still enjoy them.

2. Solo

1. Funaki Kazuo's seishun/kikaku - mono (sometime before 1962)
2. Toei's Truck Yaro:Otoko Ippiki Momotaro
(Masako Natsume also appeared in this movie as the hero's inamorata.)

[He made a number of comedies for Toho in the early 70s - what were they called? If you know, please let me know.]

TV shows / movies

[I don't know which they are... please let me know if you do]

Tokyo Kishiden (1952)
Haha Wa Sakibinaku (1952)
Shin Toho's Hawai Chondochu (1954)

His records include:

1. Spiders

1. Furi Furi / Monkey Dance (1st single, failed to chart)
Furi Furi / Monkey Dance single by The Spiders. Features Masaaki Sakai doing the 'Monkey dance'

2. Summer Girl / Narebaii (July 1966, failed to chart)
3. Yuuhi ga Naiteiru (Sad Sunset) (a big hit, September 1966) - this single was also released in the UK.
4. Taiyou no Tubasa (March 1967)
5. Anotoki Kimi wa Wakakatta (a hit in March 1968)
6. Electronic obaachan (Electric Grandma) (a hit in 1970)

1. New Best (Philips) (PHCL-2027)
2. Album No.1 + No.2 (2 in 1) (TECN-20387)
3. '67 Album No.3+6 (2 in 1) (TECN-20388)
4. Wind Is Weeping + Album No.4+8 (2 in 1) (TECN-20389)
5. Meiji 100 Years, Spiders 7 Years Plus No.5 (2 in 1) (TECN-20390)
6. '69 Album No.7+5 (2 in 1) (TECN-20391)
7. Rock "N" Roll Runaissance+6 (2 in 1) (TECN-20392)
8. Let's Go Spiders (Ace Records) (CDWIKD 202) (OCT 2000)

Some of these CDs can be bought from:

The first 7 CDs can be bought from the online CD store Comfort, which is based in Japan.
You won't find the CD listed anywhere on their web site. Follow the instructions given for "Placing an Order", letting them know which country you're in and the CD details, and they'll get back to you with the total cost and payment instructions.

Pictures of some of these albums can be found on the Spiders web site.

CD 8 refers to a compilation album released in the UK in October 2000:
On Monday 30 October 2000, "Let's Go Spiders" CD was released in the UK. It features many of the best known songs by the Japanese band The Spiders, which featured Masaaki Sakai. See the Ace Records - CDWIKD 202 - OCT 2000 page for full details of this CD, including a tracklisting. See the Ace Records Album Search Results and CDWIKD 202 pages for the tracklisting and short biography of The Spiders on separate pages.

Ace/Big Beat are well distributed, so the CDs should be available to order from all High St record shops (Our Price, V-Store, HMV, MVC). Alternatively, you can order it by mail order - details given on the Ace Records web site.

Some information from a Japanese friend in 2000: "About UK Spiders best album, I wrote the band information.
This UK Big Beat label released 2 more GS (group sound, Japanese '60s beat) compilation called GS I Love You, the 1st volume include some spiders early recordings.
Please see my web pages' Wellwater conspiracy interview, they are unit from famous grange bands. can you believe they covered '60s Spiders song!?
Wellwater Conspiracy

See the wanted page for information about some of the Spiders music that was released in Australia, the USA, Holland and other countries.
Check out the excellent Trans-World '60s Punk:Cutie Morning Moon website, that is dedicated to 60s garage punk, and includes information about The Spiders and The Tigers.
See the GS��CD�Ĕ����F�X�p�C�_�[�X (Japanese) page for information about various Spiders CDs.
See the GSreissued CD page for details of re-issued Spiders CD that are available to buy now.

2. Solo

Singles / EPs
1. Soshun No Tayori (it means "Letter In Early Spring")

Masaaki Sakai autograph on Soshun No Tayori record sleeve Lyrics on back of Soshun No Tayori record sleeve
Click on the picture of the front of the sleeve to see a larger picture of it. It is no longer possible to click on the back of the record sleeve picture to view a larger picture of the lyrics.
Click here for a translation of the lyrics into English.

2. Shiawase E No Shotai (2:42) / Dare Demo Ai O Motometeru (3:04)

Masaaki Sakai autograph on Shiawase E No Shotai record sleeve
Click on the above picture to see a larger picture of it.

3. Songoku
The A-side is "Songoku", and the B-side is his Japanese version of the Godiego song "Havoc in Heaven", called "20 Oku Nen No Kurayami".
The lyrics to these songs can be found by going to the
Monkey Music - Monkey Lyrics page.
Songoku EP by Masaaki Sakai Back of Songoku EP by Masaaki Sakai [Large version] [Massive version]
Click on the pictures above to see larger versions of them. In addition, after the image of the back of each sleeve, there are links to [Large] and [Massive] versions - especially useful for reading all the small Japanese kanji characters.

4. Imadewa Ososugiru
The A-side is "Imadewa Ososugiru", and the B-side is "Kono Michi No Hatemademo", Masaaki Sakai's version of the Godiego song "Thank You, Baby".
The lyrics to these songs can be found by going to the Monkey Music - Monkey Lyrics page.
Imadewa Ososugiru EP by Masaaki Sakai [Massive version] Back of Imadewa Ososugiru EP by Masaaki Sakai [Large version] [Massive version]
Click on the pictures above to see larger versions of them. In addition, after the image of the back of each sleeve, there are links to [Large] and [Massive] versions - especially useful for reading all the small Japanese kanji characters.

5. Saraba, koibito (a hit in 1971)
The lyrics to this song can be found on the Monkey Music - Lyrics of "Saraba, Koibito" by Masaaki Sakai page.

6. Namida Kara Ashita E
The A-side is "Namida Kara Ashita E", and the B-side is "Asa No Tegami".
Namida Kara Ashita E EP by Masaaki Sakai Back of Namida Kara Ashita E EP by Masaaki Sakai [Large version]
Click on the pictures above to see larger versions of them. In addition, after the image of the back of each sleeve, there is a links to a [Large] version - especially useful for reading all the small Japanese kanji characters.

7. Magokoro
The A-side is "Magokoro", and the B-side is "Kaerazaru Kisetsu".
Magokoro EP by Masaaki Sakai Back of Magokoro EP by Masaaki Sakai [Large version]
Click on the pictures above to see larger versions of them. In addition, after the image of the back of each sleeve, there is a links to a [Large] version - especially useful for reading all the small Japanese kanji characters.

8. Wasuremono ("Forgotten Things")
After a break of 15 years, Masaaki Sakai released a new single in Japan in 2008, called "Wasuremono" ("Forgotten Things") which is the theme song from a 2008 TV drama ("Muri na Renai") he starred in.

You can buy this CD single easily from CD Japan.

Check it out on YouTube... this clip shows the opening credits of his TV show, with the song playing.

1. Best One (Victor)
2. Best Selection (Columbia)

Front of Masaaki Sakai's (Click here to see the back)
Click on the above pictures to see larger versions of them.
Click here for the track listing (including English translations).

3. Best Of Best (Victor)
4. Twenty-Three Nights - Collection (Victor)
5. Best Score of "Machaaki" (TECN-25619) - you can see a photo of this album on the Machaaki no Best Score/ Masaaki Sakai page.

CDs 1 (repackaged and now called just "Masaaki Sakai") and 5 (listed under its Japanese name "Machaaki no Best Score") can be bought from :

[I don't know where CDs 2, 3 and 4 can be bought. If you know, please let me know.]

Check out these 2 Masaaki Sakai records:
Masaaki Sakai & The Spiders/ASU-O INORU
Masaaki Sakai & The Spiders/FUTARI-HA IMA

Apparently, Masaaki Sakai called "My Lullaby Song", which was sung in NHK's program 'Song to everybody'. If you know anything more about this, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.
The Vol.3 web page includes info on a Japanese song by Masaaki Sakai called 'Streetlight".

3. Sans Filtre

Check out the Sans Filtre web page. Singles
1. Yei Yei (23 February 2000)

None yet - but they plan to release one sometime.

Their single "Yei Yei" was released by Chikara-Juku Co., Ltd, catalogue number: CJEH-3002.
It's a 3-track maxi CD, featuring:
Yei Yei
They performed all 3 of these songs on Kohaku. My favourite is "Time" - it sounds very Beatles-esque, a bit like "Don't Let Me Down". The first 2 lines of the song is "I need your love on my mind... I need your love all the time".

The images below show the various parts of the sleeve of this Sans Filtre CD, including the lyrics, and a promotional poster advertise the release of this CD:
Front cover of Sans Filtre's Yei Yei CD Other side of the front cover of Sans Filtre's Yei Yei CD Back cover of Sans Filtre's Yei Yei CD Other side of the back cover of Sans Filtre's Yei Yei CD Lyrics printed inside the front sleeve of Sans Filtre's Yei Yei CD Promotional poster for Sans Filtre's Yei Yei CD

It's possible for fans all over the world to order Sans Filtre's "Yei Yei" CD from the CD Japan online store.
To find it, click on Search, and use 2.Search by a word to search for Sans Filtre.
NOTE: When ordering from CD Japan, I'd recommend getting the CD shipped by Airmail (Express Mail to some countries, including the UK, can cost over twice the cost of Airmail and can cost more than the cost of the CD). So please ensure that on the order form, you set the Delivery Method to "By Airmail" (unless you set this, it will be shipped by Express mail, which is more expensive).

If you have any information about Masaaki Sakai, or if you can help with any of the missing bits on this page, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll put the information here.

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  • Ponte Perle Special Entry - Masaaki Sakai likes classic car parade race. His car is Alfa romeo julietta spider, Fiat V8 Zagard and so on. This page includes a photo of him in his car at the Mille Miglia race, I think with his ex-wife Millie Okada beside him - she was navigator for him in the Mille Miglia race in April 1998.
  • �v���������E�����A�ځ^��s���ɐ�����`���o�g�҂͍��` - this is the producer of Monkey, and he's holding up 2 autographed photos of Masaaki Sakai (Monkey) and Masako Natsume (Tripitaka), and the photos are of them as their characters in Monkey. This is a column of his hometown newspaper, which introduces their town's famous people to the residents. This is his turn. And it says he is a producer of Monkey. And he decided its casting. I'd give anything for these autographed photos!
  • Masaaki Sakai (Pixiv Encyclopedia) - In the middle of this page, there are some fan drawings of Masaaki Sakai, including some of him as Monkey!

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