Saiyuuki ('Journey To The West'), the original name of the show in Japan, in Japanese characters

Monkey (Masaaki Sakai) Pigsy (Toshiyuki Nishida) Sandy (Shiro Kishibe) Tripitaka (Masako Natsume) Pigsy 2 (Tonpei Hidari) Yu-Lung (Shunji Fujimura) Buddha (Mieko Takamine)

Monkey Heaven is a tribute to the cult classic live action Japanese TV series Monkey (sometimes known as Monkey Magic), made by NTV in the late 1970s, and starring Masaaki Sakai, Toshiyuki Nishida, Shiro Kishibe, Masako Natsume, Tonpei Hidari, Shunji Fujimura, Mieko Takamine.

It's based on one of the great quest stories, a 16th century Chinese epic called Hsi Yu Chi (= Journey to the West). The title Monkey is probably from Arthur Waley's English translation. The tales, set in 630 AD, describe the demons and monsters who try to stop the Tang Priest Hs�En Tsang (Tripitaka) from reaching a Buddhist monastery in India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures. The whole series recounts the exploits of the resourceful, brave, and humorous Monkey, the real hero of the fantasy, as he escorts Tripitaka, the pig monster Pigsy, and the water monster Sandy, on their perilous mission.

Hs�En Tsang (Tripitaka) actually lived and really did go to India in 629 A.D. to get Buddhist scriptures.

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25 Aprll 2021:  [new] Steve's Monkey Gallery  [new]
Check out the new Steve's Monkey Gallery website with lots of cartoon drawings of the Monkey gang!

It includes a link to the Steve McCombe Shop where you can buy unofficial Monkey merchandise featuring Steve's original designs!!

25 March 2021:Monkey Episode Picture Quiz
Can you help me identify the Monkey episode for all the episode stills in this online album?

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3 October 2020: Monkey: The Complete Series (Restored) Blu-Ray
The entire series of Monkey was on Blu-ray for the first time ever in October 2020!!!

Monkey: The Complete Series (Restored) Blu-Ray

All 52 episodes have been fully-restored from the original HD masters! Click PLAY on the video below to see a comparison of the video before and after being restored!
The release includes the 13 "lost" episodes dubbed by the original dubbing actors in 2004!
Plus PDFs of the 39 original BBC dubbing scripts!

UK release (5 October 2020) [Fabulous Films]

  • Blu-ray:
  • DVD version:

    Australia / New Zealand release (7 October 2020) [Umbrella Entertainment]

  • Blu-ray:
  • DVD version:
    The nature of Monkey was irrepressible!

    15 September 2020: Monkey Cast - Shiro Kishibe
    It is with a very heavy heart that I have to break the news that on 28th August 2020, Shiro Kishibe, the much-loved actor who played the character of Sandy in "Monkey", died of acute heart failure. He was 71 years old.
    Sandy (Shiro Kishibe)
    For more information about his life, see: Monkey Cast - Shiro Kishibe page. For Shiro Kishibe videos, see: YouTube - Shiro Kishibe playlist
    He is survived by his elder brother, the actor Ittoku Kishibe.
    R.I.P. Sandy

    12 September 2020: Masaaki Sakai (@machaaki_sakai) / Twitter
    On 3rd September 2020, Masaaki Sakai (the actor who played Monkey) started a Twitter account!
    In his self-introduction, he says that his favourite food is bananas!
    Follow him to check out his posts and photos!

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