Masaaki Sakai

This page shows autographs that fans have been given by Masaaki Sakai, the actor who played Monkey in Monkey.

Miscellaneous [Added: 10 November 2003] - includes a Masaaki Sakai autograph sent to me by a Japanese friend.

Jade Miller [Added: 26 December 2000] - gives details of the autograph that Masaaki Sakai sent to Monkey fan Jade Miller.

The Day I Met Monkey [Last updated: 27 December 1999] - shows the autographs that Nikki Brown and I were given when we met Masaaki Sakai in 1998.

If you've got any autographs of Masaaki Sakai, please email scans of them to me using the email link on the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll include them here.

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