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The Nice Rooms - Monkey: An Interview with Howell Parry - Really nice article, published 25th June 2016 on The Nice Rooms e-zine website. Packed with information about the series, the actors etc., and lots of photos!
The 'Monkey' Plot Generator - Random plots for 'Monkey Magic' - This superb web page randomly generates plot outlines for possible new Monkey episodes!!!! Just click the "Generate a typical plot" button and it will create a new story each time... hours of fun guaranteed! ;)
Monkey (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Great little overview of the show, including plot summary and cast list.
Movie Forums - Monkey (Saiyuki) - This page features a very impressive review of Monkey - it's a posting to a web forum by someone called Revenant
Monkey - Great Sage, Equal of Heaven - There's some very detailed descriptions of the main characters in Monkey on this web site. - DVD Reviews - Monkey - Volume 1 (Region 2) - Lengthy review of UK Monkey DVD 1 (not boxset 1 - it's the 1st individual Monkey DVD)
Trippy's Website- Booted Rock Queens Rule !! - Someone's registered and turned it into a tiny Monkey fan site (I love the animated GIF at the top that shows a clip from the Monkey opening credits!)
DigiGuide: The Best TV Guide - Monkey - Episodes - A Monkey episode guide, written by me, on the web site. Clicking on any episode title will take you to the synopsis I wrote for it.
Characters - Description of the characters in Monkey, on the Monkey (Magic) - Information on the greatest TV series known to mankind! web site
Google Search: monkey tripitaka - Google search results for "monkey tripitaka" - a good way to find Monkey-related pages.
Google Search: monkey sandy pigsy sounds - Google search results for "monkey sandy pigsy sounds" - another good query for finding Monkey web pages.
Monkey - TV Programs Shopping at - Reviews and opinions on what people think of the Monkey TV show - add your opinion now!
Monkey English-dubbed episodes guide (Japanese) - Credits, airdates and titles for all 39 Monkey episodes that were dubbed into English.
Monkey original Japanese episodes season 1 guide (Japanese) - Japanese titles, air dates and credits for the original Japanese versions of the 26 episodes in Monkey season 1.
Monkey original Japanese episodes season 2 guide (Japanese) - Japanese titles, air dates and credits for the original Japanese versions of the 26 episodes in Monkey season 2.
{Saiyuki, Saiyuuki} - Lots of links to web sites related to "Saiyuki" or "Saiyuuki", the Japanese name for the Monkey TV show.
Yahoo! Groups : monkeymagicthegreatsage - Tiny Yahoo! community for fans of Monkey (you need to have a Yahoo! account and be logged into it to access this page).
Great Mysteries of the World Home Page - Some very tongue-in-cheek trivia about Monkey (by the way, the priest Tripitaka really did exist and travel to India)
irrepressable_monkey_magic's Yahoo! Profile - Monkey has an account on Yahoo!, and this is his profile home page!?
Monkey links (Japanese) - Lots of links to Monkey-related web sites.
Monkey (a Titles and Air Dates Guide) - A Monkey episode guide, written by me, on the web site - all the information is taken from the Monkey guide on TV Tome that I maintain. Clicking on any episode title will take you to the synopsis I wrote for it, on the TV Tome web site.
BBC - h2g2 - Monkey (Japanese TV show) - Guide entry about Monkey on the excellent BBC - h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - the only unconventional guide to Life, The Universe and Everything which is written by thousands of people.
Monkey Zone on Sendit - Monkey mini-site on Sendit (was called BlackStar), with links for ordering the videos / DVDs, episode guide, and character descriptions.
Bomis: The Arts/Television/Programs/Science Fiction/Monkey ring - Monkey category on the search engine pages.
Monkey! - Tribute page to Monkey, with pictures, song lyrics and selected character quotes.
The Monkey Magic Theme Tune Words... - (Incorrect) song lyrics for Monkey Magic.
Monkey - Single page tribute to Monkey, featuring a fan's recollections of the show.
MAGIC MONKEY !! The Great Sage, Equal Of Heaven - Small tribute to Monkey.
Monkey Magic - Although many of the pictures on this site are from my site, this is a very funky little Monkey web site - with photo galleries arranged per character, with commentaries written alongside them. Check it out!
Goktimus Prime - Short Monkey tribute, includes original Japanese lyrics for Gandhara.
Lilith - Character description for Monkey.
Monkey Magic - Monkey Magic song lyrics.
Memorable TV The TV Shows (1970's) Monkey - Monkey entry on the Memorable TV web site.
PAUL - Tribute to Monkey (all the trivia is from my Monkey Trivia page!)
Godiego lyrics - Includes lyrics for Monkey Magic, Gandhara and Holy and Bright (in English and Japanese script).
MONKEY - Features a photo of a "MONKEY MAGIC" (cartoon picture) fruit machine!?

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All links related to the music in Monkey can be found on the Monkey Music - Godiego page.

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