This page gives details of Godiego, the Japanese band who played all the music in Monkey.

Godiego Live in Tokyo 2008 [Added: 26 November 2008] - Lots of information of Godiego's concert on Saturday 22 November 2008, where I met all the band members and got their autographs!

Godiego Reform [Last updated: 7 June 2000] - Godiego reformed at the end of 1999, made a new album, and toured Japan. Includes details of their 2000 tour, and a live video of their 1999 tour!

UK Releases - Lists all the albums and singles that Godiego have released in the UK.

London Celebration - information about this Greatest Hits LP which was released in the UK, which featured some music from Monkey, including live versions of "Monkey Magic" and "Gandhara"!

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    For full details in English of how you can help to get the "Magic Monkey" score book reissued, please see the Monkey Music - Vote For Reissue Of Godiego's "Magic Monkey" scorebook page.
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