Vote For Reissue Of Godiego's "Magic Monkey" scorebook

I recently received an email from a Japanese Godiego fan about an online appeal by Godiego fans for the reissue of scores and books on Godiego.

It should take no more than 5 - 10 minutes to register your vote in this appeal
Please help, as your vote can and will make a difference.

One of the books that they're appealing to be reissued is the "Magic Monkey" / "Saiyuki" score book, which features the music scores for all the songs in Monkey season 1 (i.e. "Monkey Magic", Gandhara", "Thank You, Baby" etc.) - you'll find some scanned images from this book on the Monkey Music - Saiyuuki Score Book page.

Click on the graphic below to go to the Godiego voting page on "":

IMPORTANT: Although your internet browser may ask you to download support for viewing Japanese characters, you may not need to - as you won't need to be able to read any of them - just follow my instructions, and you should be fine. When it prompts you to download Japanese character support, just click Cancel, and the page should appear. If it appears as blank, you may need to click in the Address bar (where the web address is), and press the enter key on your keyboard, to reload the page.

"" is the website that does negotiations with publishers for the reissue on our behalf.
The negotiation will start when the count is over 100 votes.

It's all in Japanese, but please don't panic! I've received full instructions in English on how to register and vote.

Even if you're not interested in the scorebook yourself, please help all the Godiego fans and Monkey fans who would love to buy this reissued book.
It should take you no more than 5 minutes to register and vote - your vote can and *will* make a difference.

Here's the instructions:
First of all, you need to register - go to the:

Here follows English translations of the fields on this page, from the top of the page:
Input your data in the following 5 items.
1. Name
2. Nickname (nickname on web)
3. E-mail address
4. Password (4 - 8 letters of English alphabet and/or figures)
5. Password (input above passward again to confirm)

Other spaces are not necessary, and can be left blank.
But please remember to remove to SWITCH OFF (remove the check / tick) from the 2 checkboxes further down the page.
Or else, a Japanese news letter will be emailed to you by
Then, push the long grey button at the bottom to go to next page.

*** Next page ***
Please check your input data.
Upper button - for amendment
Lower button - for register
After you push the lower button, a confirmation email will be emailed to you. Read the email message sent to you from, go to the web page link / URL in it and registration will be finally done.
And registered information will be emailed you.

Now that you're registered, go to the Godiego voting page by clicking on the graphic below:

In the bottom half of this page, there's a big list of Godiego books.

The one to vote for is:
6276 Score book "MAGIC MONKEY"

Just look for "6276" in the list of numbers on the left, and click on the link (book title) to the right of it.
This will take you to the voting page.

*** HOW TO VOTE ***
Push the green button with HAND graphic (in the middle, towards the bottom of the page) to vote. This will take you to the next page.
(If it doesn't take you to the next page, it is because you need to login - in the 2 boxes near the bottom of the page, put your EMAIL ADDRESS - which you typed in earlier when you registered - in the first box, your password in the second box, then click the green button with "STEP" written on it to the right of it.)

In the big text box, write your comment on why you're hoping for the reissued score book.
There's 3 radio buttons in the line below - the choices are: BUY or NOT BUY or UNKNOWN
(when scores/book will be reissued.)
Select the one appropriate to you (whether you think you'd like to buy the book, or not, or unknown)
Remove the check mark in the check box below these. (It isn't necessary to have this checked)
Push the button. (go to next page)

Please check your input data.
Upper button - for amendment
Lower button - for vote
Push the lower button, and vote is done.
Your voted information will be emailed to you.

Please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page if you have any questions.

PS Just for interest - here's the full listing of what all the book titles are in English (the order listed here is from November 24 - this may have changed when you look at it now, but the reference number will still be valid for referring to each book):

6209 Score book "Godiego BEST"
6221 Godiego Eternal Oddyssey (Book)
6276 Score book "MAGIC MONKEY"
6201 Mr.TATTA appeared ! (Y.TAKEKAWA's essay)
6212 Score book "DEAD END"
6204 Musical essay"LYENA"(Y.TAKEKAWA's essay)
6272 Score book for GUITAR "Best collection of YUKIHIDE TAKEKAWA's songs"
6222 Godiego PART 1 (Book)
6275 Score book "Godiego-CM song graffiti"
6273 Score book for PIANO "Godiego"
6205 Full Score book for Band "BEST of MAGIC MONKEY"
6274 Score book "BEST of Godiego LIVE"
6207 Full Score book for Band "BEST of OUR DECADE"
6220 FOR YOU (TOMMY's essay & poetry)
6208 Score book for PIANO "OUR DECADE"
6203 Score book for PIANO "LYENA"
6202 Score book for PIANO "PASSING PICTURES"
6206 Full score book for Band including How to play SYNTHESIZER "MAGIC MONKEY"
6210 Score book "KATHMANDU"
13269 Novel "The deduction of investigator KOUSHIRO KIRISHIMA, the ex-Prime minister" (Y.TAKEKAWA's novel)

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