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Godiego Tour 2000

Godiego's tour this Summer is from 17 July 2000 to 22 July 2000 mostly in the Southern parts of Japan like Okayama and Hiroshima. I think they're also covering parts of Kyushu.

Details of the tour (in Japanese) can be found on the Mickie Yoshino Official Web Site.

Godiego live video

On 18 March 2000, a live video from Godiego's 1999 tour was released, called "Fukkatsu!! GODIEGO Japan Tour 1999".

Note that is a VHS video in the NTSC system, so you'll only be able to play it outside Japan if your video recorder supports NTSC playback.

It's possible to order this video from CD Japan.

Godiego, the band who did the music in Monkey, got back together between October and December 1999, reunited in the summer of '99, after splitting up 14 years ago and immediately recorded a new album, then announced a reunion concert tour as well, with all 13 concerts sold out. The new CD was released on October 21, and the week of Nov 1st it entered the charts at #25.

To promote the new album, they made many TV appearances (including performances of Monkey Magic and Gandhara, Holy & Bright), held press conferences, interviews, made a video clip, and for the tour planned a menu of old hits and new material, taking along a three piece horn section for support.

This also coincides with the 20th year of UNICEF's'International Year Of The Child' so 'Every Child Has A Beautiful Name' is included on their new album,(new arrangement) GODIEGO..What A Beautiful Name is released on NIPPON COLUMBIA.

The band members are the original ones, i.e. Godiego 1976-1980, the ones which appear on the 'Magic Monkey' CD: Mickey Yoshino, Yukihide Takekawa, Tommy Snyder, Takami Asano and Steve Fox (actually Tommy joined in '77 replacing Ryoji Asano, brother of Takami). One of the new members from Godiego 1980-1985, Yoji Yoshizawa, did not take part in the reunion.

The Tokyo concert on Nov 30 was filmed in Hi Definition video for broadcast by satellite on the NHK "BS2" channel (date as yet to be announced). It is expected that a video of that concert would be released later on, as well as a "live" album.

Tour schedule:
November 19 Kanagawa Kemin Hall
November 20 Omiya Sonic City
November 22 Osaka Koseinen Kaikan Dai Hall
November 24 Fukuoka Sunpalace Hall
November 26 Niigata Kemin Kaiokan Hall
November 29 Tokyo U-Port Hall
November 30 Tokyo U-Port Hall
December 2 Sendai Miyagi Kemin Kaiokan Hall
December 3 Nagoya Koseinen Hall
December 7 Kobe Bunka Hall
December 8 Shimane
December 10 Fukuyama Readin Rose
December 15 Tokyo (surprise concert)

Godiego appeared on the Japanese year-end TV music show "Koohaku" (which is a special program broadcast on every major TV channel in Japan at the same time). The concert was held on 31 December 1999, and was shown on TV around the world!

'Kohaku' was broadcasted by NHK (Japanese government-operated TV radio station). Information about international broadcasting by NHK in the USA & Europe can be found here:

So it looks like JSTV (http://www.jstv.co.uk/) shows NHK broadcasts in the UK.

Kohaku is mentioned to be broadcasted from 19:30 (UK time) Dec.31. Godiego is mentioned on the list too. They'll perform 'Beautiful Name'.

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