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  • Monkey radio play (the audio of this used to be available at - The script of a radio play of Monkey by Christopher Hogg (he created this while he was a student in 2002), set in London in the modern day! ("A monkey born of a lump of cement on a towerblock in Elephant and Castle tries to become immortal.")
  • Monkey God - Full details and ordering info for a spoken-word CD called "Tommy Tan ... Time Traveller", which features 3 characters from the North of England (Manchester) being transported to Ancient China, where they help Monkey vanquish a renegade Sorcerer who's wiping out the Panda population.
  • Cab City Combo Home Page - Cab City Combo wrote a song called 'Monkey King' (there's a link to the song lyrics from the main page). Keep in mind that it's not in any way related with the Japanese TV show "Monkey".
  • The Monkey - The story of Monkey presented as a wonderful online picture story book!
  • Journey To The West - Wonderfully comprehensive web site dedicated to the Journey To The West story, featuring background information, character profiles, details of the story, pictures, and lots more.
  • Journey To The West - Web page describing a student project to produce a computer-generated animation of the Journey To The West story.
  • The man and the Kappa - A short story of a "Kappa" (this is what Sandy is). There is an illustration at the bottom of the page and if you look carefully you can see the monster like Kappa with the plate on his head.
  • Romance of Three Kingdoms - This extremely comprehensive site offers the complete English-translated text (it's HUGE!) of this novel, along with related links and other information. Historically, this particular novel antedates Monkey, but its style was influential on Monkey. It is considered one of the five or so Chinese "classic" novels.
  • Jefferson Eliot Concept Design:Pigsy - Features a cartoon picture of the Pigsy character.
  • The Unit on Chinese Mythology - Lots of information about the Monkey King story, including a short Monkey King bibliography.
  • Monkey King quiz - A short quiz based on the Monkey King story.
  • The Journey To The West and The Legend Of king Arthur - Information about 'Journey to the West'; you can submit questions about it to an expert on these stories, and he'll do his best to answer them!
  • Mythical Quest: Journey to the West - An overview of 'Journey to the West' (English name of Hsi Yu Chi), including an illustration from the book.
  • Chinese Culture: Classics, Literature, History, Wisdom, Civilization - Includes books and VCDs based on the story of Journey of the West.
  • Monkey / Story - Features a series of 16 really cute & funny cartoon pictures depicting the Monkey story. You've got to check this out!
  • Xi You Ji - The Chinese text (in GB format) for the whole of Hsi Yu Chi is contained on this Chinese Classics web site. It includes technical help for Reading Chinese in WWW.
  • Journey to the West - Monkey - Includes a short digest of the story in English, and the whole of chapter 1 in Chinese text (BIG5 and GB formats)!
  • The Monkey King (Book + CD) - Blingual - Bilingual in Chinese and English, book and CD!
  • University of Chicago Press: Yu, Anthony C., Translator Journey to the West, Volume: 1, 2, 3, 4 - Information about these volumes, and where they may be purchased, from distributors all over the world.

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