Magic Monkey LP

In 1984, Godiego released an LP in Australia called "Magic Monkey", which contained lots of songs from the series. It was released on ABC Records, since Monkey was then being shown on the terrestrial tv channel ABC in Australia. It featured the same tracks that were on their Japanese "Magic Monkey" CD.

Many thanks to the Australian Monkey fan who scanned in the front sleeve of this LP and sent it to me!

Magic Monkey LP (front picture)

Track listing

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1. The Birth of the Odyssey ~ Monkey Magic
2. Gandhara
3. Asiatic Fever
4. We're Heading Out West to India
5. Thank You, Baby
6. Steppin' Into Your World
7. Havoc In Heaven
8. Dragons and Demons
9. A Fool!
10. Flying
11. Celebration

[Download MIDI files of "Monkey Magic", "Gandhara", "A Fool!" and a Real Audio file of "Thank You, Baby" from the Monkey Sounds page!]

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