Monkey Sounds

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Here's some Monkey Sounds for you to download.

WAV files

[Contributed by Tom Farmer]

Here's some short sound clips of cool noises / incidental music from Monkey that work really well in your Windows sound scheme! (set them up in the Sounds control panel)

monkeyclip1.wav (213K)

monkeyclip2.wav (296K)

monkeyclip3.wav (202K)

monkeyclip4.wav (391K)

monkeyclip5.wav (406K)

monkeyclip6.wav (814K)

monkeyclip7.wav (116K)

monkeyclip8.wav (173K)

monkeyclip9.wav (21.1K)

monkeyclip10.wav (58.9K)

monkeyclip11.wav (418K)

monkeyclip12.wav (250K)

monkeyclip13.wav (402K)

monkeyclip14.wav (169K)

monkeyclip15.wav (282K)

Also - if you go to the Monkey Desktop Themes page, you'll find Monkey wallpaper images, icons and cursors that work really well along with these sounds to make a full Monkey desktop theme for Windows!

[Contributed by Warren Pilkington (]

greatest.wav (19K) - Monkey: "I Am The Greatest - Will You Demons Never Understand?".

[Contributed by Nikki Brown (]

oi.wav (30.9K) - Monkey: "Oi!!".

fight.wav (23.9K) - Monkey: "Get ready to fight!".

cloud2.wav (107K) - Monkey summoning his cloud.

demon.wav (23.9K) - Monkey: "Deeeemon".

kiss.wav (75.4K) - Pigsy: "Give Pigsy a kiss".

hate.wav (43K) - Sandy: "I hate scriptures".

precious.wav (69.8K) - Tripitaka: "All life is precious to a follower of Buddha".

forbid.wav (46K) - Tripitaka: "I forbid you!".

[Contributed by L Jones (]

cloud.wav (48.1K) - The sound Monkey's cloud makes.

excerpt.wav (35.1K) - A (very small) part of the opening music.

hit.wav (13.4K) - One of the demons from the first episode being hit.

irrepres.wav (112K) - "...of monkey was..irrepressible!"

mycloud.wav (27.5K) - Monkey saying "My cloud!".

right.wav (27.6K) - Monkey saying "Right!".

shout.wav (13K) - Monkey shouting "MMMOOOOOONNNNNKKKKEEEEEYYYYYYY".

swhistle.wav (4.81K) - A small part of the whistle Monkey uses to call his cloud.

sword.wav (15K) - A Sound from one of the fight scenes, a sword or other metallic object.

weird.wav (59.5K) - Weird, synthesized sound from the opening titles (around the part where the announcer says "...formed again and again as endless eons wheeled and passed...").

whistle.wav (45.9K) - Monkey whistling to call his cloud.

MP3 files

Sound clips from the original Japanese version of Monkey.

jmonkey.mp3 (113.1K) - Sound clip of Monkey's first ever line in the 1st episode (voice of Masaaki Sakai).

jpigsy1.mp3 (38.8K) - Sound clip of Pigsy chatting up Star Vega in the 1st episode (voice of Toshiyuki Nishida).

jsandy.mp3 (36.3K) - Sound clip of Sandy apologising to the Jade Emperor after smashing his jade cup in the 1st episode (voice of Shiro Kishibe).

jtripitaka.mp3 (451.4K) - Sound clip of Tripitaka praying and talking to the villagers at the end of the 1st episode (voice of Masako Natsume).

jbuddha.mp3 (52.7K) - Sound clip of Buddha calling Monkey to the Himalayas towards the end of the 1st episode (voice of Mieko Takamine).

jnarrator.mp3 (80K) - Sound clip of the narrator as Pigsy is 'abducting' Star Vega in the 1st episode (voice of ??? - don't know the identity of the original Japanese narrator).

jpigsy2.mp3 (43.3K) - Sound clip of 2nd Pigsy (voice of Tonpei Hidari) in one of the undubbed Monkey episodes in season 2.

jyulung.mp3 (60K) - Sound clip of Yu-Lung (voice of Shunji Fujimura) in one of the undubbed Monkey episodes in season 2.
[Contributed by Warren Pilkington (]

monkeeeeey.mp3 (31K) - Monkey's "Monkeeeeeeeyyyy!" yell, heard during the introduction of the show.

[Contributed by Aron Toman and converted to MP3 by Warren Pilkington)]

Monkey_remix.mp3 (2.1MB) - A Monkey mix featuring music from Monkey and lots of samples.

You can download lots of different MP3 players from

MIDI files

[Contributed by Future and Eiji Ikeda]

fool.mid (39K) - Pigsy's main theme "A Fool!".

monkey.mid (68K) - The "Monkey Magic" theme tune.

gandhara.mid (42K) - The "Gandhara" ending song.

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