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The BBC also released the ending song to Monkey, "Gandhara", as a single. Released on their label as a 7 inch single, it featured two tracks from the 'Magic Monkey' album, namely a Japanese & English version of 'Gandhara' (as on the ending credits of "Monkey") on side A, and 'The Birth of The Odyssey / Monkey Magic' on Side B.

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"Gandhara" was released in January 1980, and reached no. 57 in the UK charts!

Single (45rpm) released by BBC Enterprises.
Manufactured & Distributed by Pye Records (sales) ltd.

Side 1:
Gandhara - Godiego
(Narahashi & Takeawa/Cop.Con)
Side 2:
The Birth of the Odyssey - Godiego Monkey Magic
(Yoshino/Narahashi & Takeawa/Cop.Con)

Record no: RESL66

Gandhara UK single

There is also a 'Gandhara 95'. This song is Takekawa's solo version of Gandhara included on his CD album "Legend of Gandhara". He sings it in japanese and did the piano arrangement.

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