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All 13 Monkey videos are now available in the UK!

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Up until 3 April 2000, Monkey had never been released on video anywhere in the world. After years of negotiations, Fabulous Films, the UK company who released The Water Margin on video, have begun releasing all 39 English-dubbed Monkey episodes on video in the UK (first 2 videos were released on Monday 3 April 2000)!

Details [Last updated: 3 April 2000] - gives details of the Monkey videos.

Charts [Last updated: 9 August 2000] - gives details of how well the Monkey videos are doing on various video charts in the UK.

Release Dates [Last updated: 22 February 2001] - lists the release dates, certificates, catalogue numbers and barcodes for the Monkey videos. Also, tells you how you can find out classification, running time and comments for each Monkey episode from the BBFC web site!

Publicity [Last updated: 22 July 2000] - publicity to promote the Monkey videos, including full details of the Monkey UK PR campaign, web features, Japanese newspaper articles.

Video Box Designs [Last updated: 11 May 2000] - information and previews of the video boxes of the Monkey videos.

Where To Buy [Last updated: 13 May 2001] - where you can buy Monkey videos.
- All 13 Monkey videos are now available in the UK!
- Order Monkey videos and get them shipped to anywhere in the world!

Promotional Material [Last updated: 13 May 2001] - promotional material for the Monkey videos, including postcards, posters and T-shirts!
- Monkey posters now available in the UK for just 3.49 each!

Fans' Video Box Designs [Added: 8 March 2000] - Fans' video box designs! (100% unofficial)

Monkey Database
To be kept up-to-date with the latest information about Monkey video releases, send your full name and postal address to:
making the subject of your email message: "Monkey Database"

If you have any ideas / suggestions / comments /questions about any aspect of the Monkey video release, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll pass them on to Fabulous Films.

Should you wish to contact Fabulous Films, here are their contact details:
Fabulous Films Ltd
020 8743 4377
020 8743 4342 fax

Full catalogue list of Fabulous Films videos at Sendit - in addition to Monkey, this list includes Blake's 7, The Water Margin, and lots of other stuff.

To find out where, if anywhere, is currently showing Monkey on TV, check out the Monkey TV Guide page.

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