Monkey Videos / DVDs (Australia)

All 13 Monkey videos and DVDs (episodes 1 - 39) are available in Australia!

Siren Visual Entertainment began releasing Monkey on video and DVD in Australia on Tuesday 12 September 2000. All 13 videos and DVDs have been available since the middle of 2001.


Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page
Monkey - Volume 1 - this page contains an indepth review of Australian Monkey DVD #1.

Where you can buy Monkey videos and DVDs in Australia

The only online store that still stocks the Monkey videos is Vidz of Oz
(if you know any others, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page)

Order Monkey DVDs online using the order links in the table below.

Monkey DVD 1:
Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven /
Monkey Turns Nursemaid /
The Great Journey Begins
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 2:
Monkey Swallows The Universe /
The Power Of Youth /
Even Monsters Can Be People
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 3:
The Beginning Of Wisdom /
Pigsy Woos A Widow /
What Monkey Calls The Dog-Woman
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 4:
Pigsy's In The Well /
The Difference Between Night And Day /
Pearls Before Swine
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 5:
The Minx and the Slug /
Catfish, Saint and the Shape-Changer /
Monkey Meets the Demon Digger
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 6:
The Most Monstrous Monster /
Truth And The Grey Gloves Devil /
Land For The Locusts
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 7:
Vampire Master /
Outrageous Coincidences /
Pigsy, King And God
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 8:
Village Of The Undead /
Two Little Blessings /
The Fires Of Jealousy
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 9:
The Country Of Nightmares /
The End Of The Way /
Pigsy's Ten Thousand Ladies
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 10:
The Dogs of Death /
The Foolish Philosopher /
Who Am I?
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 11:
What Is Wisdom? /
The Fountain Of Youth /
A Shadow So Huge
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 12:
Keep On Dancing /
Give And Take /
Such A Nice Monster
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD
Monkey DVD 13:
Pretty As A Picture /
Mothers /
At The Top Of The Mountain
Siren Visual Entertainment EzyDVD

You can also find the Monkey DVDs in Australia at these online video / DVD stores, possibly at cheaper prices than buying directly from Siren Visual Entertainment or EzyDVD:

DVD Crave

Chaos Music
(quick links to Monkey DVDs, TV shows on DVD, including Monkey)

Video Ezy Australia

The Video Shift, online dvd store

NOTE: This web site includes images of the front and back covers of each DVD, for you to have a look at!

Total DVD

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Here's an advert for the Monkey release that Tu Chung found at his local video store in Sydney. Click on it to see a larger version.
Advert for Australian Monkey video and DVD release

On Thursday 14 September 2000, the UK magazine DVD Times ran a news item on the availability of Monkey on DVD from Australia:
DVD Times Article: Monkey on DVD!!!
They even suggest that UK fans can order Monkey DVDs from Australia for under £14 including postage!

To help promote the videos, Masaaki Sakai (the actor who played Monkey) has done some interviews for the Australian media:
Rolling Stone magazine
The Courier-Mail newspaper in Brisbane, Australia
The Australian
The Age newspaper in Melbourne, Australia

To read these interviews, go to the Monkey Interviews - Masaaki Sakai - Actual Interviews page.

If you have any ideas / suggestions / comments /questions about any aspect of the Australian Monkey video / DVD release, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll pass them on to Siren Visual Entertainment.

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