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This page features photos of Nick's handmade porcelain figures of characters from Monkey. Note that these aren't 'generic' figures based on the Monkey stories, but they're actually modelled on Masaaki, Toshiyuki, Shiro and Masako - from the Japanese TV show Monkey that we know and love!
NOTE: These figures are not for sale.

Click on one of the pictures below to see a larger version of it.

Monkey figure Tripitaka, Pigsy and Sandy figures Sandy, Tripitaka, Pigsy and Monkey figures Monkey figure on his cloud Pigsy figure Sandy figure Tripitaka and Monkey figures Tripitaka figure

Nick says:
"I've won a couple of design contests in the past, so my figures are good quality. There is a picture of my Monkey Magic figure in Tomarts action figure digest no.71, I got an honorable mention this time, can't win em all. Maybe I'll win this year's contest with the origional Monkey cast)."

"They are cast in porcelain, but they're pretty durable,they each have 8 points of articulation and come with the appropriate accessories (wishing staff, flying cloud etc). I dont have the horse yet, but I hope to do both versions eventually and a few demons for Monkey to fight."

Nick plans to make figures of various other demons and characters from Monkey. If you have any ideas for characters which you think Nick should make figures of, email Nick at:

When I get photos of Nick's new Monkey figures, I'll add them to this page for you all to see.

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