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Monkey: The Complete Series
Special "slip case" box containing 13 individual Monkey DVDs
The 13 unseen episodes are included
in English subtitled form with Japanese audio, not English-dubbed
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Buy empty "slip case" box for 9.99!

For those of you who bought the 13 individual UK Monkey DVDs, you can if you like buy one of the "slip cases" that have pictures from the series, and act as a container for all 13 DVDs.

If you live in the UK, you can buy it for 9.99 inc postage - just send your order, full name and address, and payment by cheque, postal order or money order (made payable to Fabulous Films) in British pounds to:

Richard Walker
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Monkey DVD 1:
Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven /
Monkey Turns Nursemaid /
The Great Journey Begins /
Unseen episode 1
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Monkey DVD 2:
Monkey Swallows The Universe /
The Power Of Youth /
Even Monsters Can Be People /
Unseen episode 2
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Monkey DVD 3:
The Beginning Of Wisdom /
Pigsy Woos A Widow /
What Monkey Calls The Dog-Woman /
Unseen episode 3
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Monkey DVD 4:
Pigsy's In The Well /
The Difference Between Night And Day /
Pearls Before Swine /
Unseen episode 4
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Monkey DVD 5:
The Minx and the Slug /
Catfish, Saint and the Shape-Changer /
Monkey Meets the Demon Digger /
Unseen episode 5
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Monkey DVD 6:
The Most Monstrous Monster /
Truth And The Grey Gloves Devil /
Land For The Locusts /
Unseen episode 6
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Monkey DVD 7:
Vampire Master /
Outrageous Coincidences /
Pigsy, King And God /
Unseen episode 7
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Monkey DVD 8:
Village Of The Undead /
Two Little Blessings /
The Fires Of Jealousy /
Unseen episode 8
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Monkey DVD 9:
The Country Of Nightmares /
The End Of The Way /
Pigsy's Ten Thousand Ladies /
Unseen episode 9
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Monkey DVD 10:
The Dogs of Death /
The Foolish Philosopher /
Who Am I? /
Unseen episode 10
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Monkey DVD 11:
What Is Wisdom? /
The Fountain Of Youth /
A Shadow So Huge /
Unseen episode 11
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Monkey DVD 12:
Keep On Dancing /
Give And Take /
Such A Nice Monster /
Unseen episode 12
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Monkey DVD 13:
Pretty As A Picture /
Mothers /
At The Top Of The Mountain /
Unseen episode 13
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1) The DVDs are PAL, and are region 2 encoded.
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