Monkey Wanted

This page is for listing things that fans of the cult Japanese TV series Monkey (sometimes known as Monkey Magic) may be able to help with.

Other TV adaptations of Monkey

I'm very interested in finding out about other TV adaptations of the Monkey / Journey To The West story. Some of these are list on the Monkey Related TV / Films - Remakes page.

If you can send me information about any TV adaptation of Monkey (including information on how fans can get copies of it), please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.

I'm particularly interested in finding out about the 1994 Japanese TV remake "New Monkey". This was made by NTV (the company who produced the original Monkey TV series that we know and love), and features lots of the newest special effects and computer graphics. If you know where fans can find videos of this, please get in touch!

"Havoc In Heaven" (Chinese animation movie)

For a long time now, numerous Monkey fans have been trying to find a copy of this Chinese "Havoc In Heaven" animated movie that's based on the Monkey / Journey To The West story. More information about it can be found on the Monkey Related TV / Films - Related Films page.

If you know where it's possible to find a copy of "Havoc In Heaven" (in any video format), please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.

Commercial Monkey figures

Here's a message that someone recently sent me:
"Professional sculptor and modelmaker is looking to create a series of figures of the main characters but i require good reference material! I do not have the facilities to capture images from video and my printer is pretty poor. I will be moulding the figures into kit form so if anyone can help I'm sure it could prove to be mutually beneficial! This is a serious proposition so please help if you can. My current c.v. includes many items available in high street stores including Southpark, Simpsons and Action man figures.

My computer and studio are in two different places at the minute and my printer just makes the video captured images even fuzzier. I'm looking for photographs or prints to get clearer detail from. Thanks for your interest and I'll keep you posted.
thanks again, Stuart.A.

If you can provide him with help, advice or pictures, please contact Stuart A. on:

Just imagine it - Monkey figures on sale in the shops!!!!!!

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