The videos are available at all the usual high-street video stores in the UK, e.g. HMV, Virgin.

There won't be any way of preordering the videos from Fabulous Films directly - they suggest preordering them from a high street retailer like HMV or Virgin. See the Monkey Videos (UK) - Release Dates page for all the catalogue numbers for the 13 videos. You may need these to place your orders.

Australian and worldwide fans - there'll be no media publicity for the video release outside the UK, but you'll be able to order the videos either:

  • From an online video store, e.g. Black Star, HMV Online
  • By mail order from Fabulous Films, which would involve sending them an International Money Order for the cost of the video plus shipping - The UK's Biggest Video Store
    In my opinion, by far the best video store in the UK to buy videos from is Black Star, who have a great reputation for their speedy and excellent service. Black Star ships FOR THE SAME PRICE to anywhere in the world (within 24 hours, by first-class post in the UK, by airmail worldwide). So if you're ordering from Australia, UK, wherever, all you pay is the 12.99 cost of the video!
    I'd strongly recommend using Black Star as most other online video stores in the UK will add extra shipping charges.

    Also, Black Star gives highly detailed information about each video tape. As an example, do a search for "Water Margin" at their site - they give full details for each Water Margin tape, including episode descriptions, catalogue numbers and images of the video box.

    Another great service that Black Star offers is that if you live in a country that doesn't use the PAL video format, they'll convert your ordered videos to NTSC for you for an additional charge, and they'll ship both the original anStar - Help Desk - Video Conversion page for details on their Video Conversion service (theynatively, if you live in the USA or Canada, you could try They're very cheap - they charge just $9.99 per tape of up to 3 hours!

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