Video Box Designs

1) The video box design has been done by Form, the same company who did the video boxes for "The Water Margin", and has a similar modern/fresh style.

2) At the top of each video box, the first 9 videos (episodes 1 - 27) will have the narrator's intro speech "In the worlds before Monkey..." from season 1, and the last 4 videos (episodes 28 - 39) will have the narrator's intro speech from season 2.

3) Also, on the back of each video box, there'll be a synopsis of each Monkey episode. I've written these 39 episode synopses, and in return, my name will be credited on each video box. Classic quotes from each episode will also be included on the video box.
To read my synopses for all 39 English-dubbed episodes of Monkey, see the Monkey Synopses page. To read all the narrator quotes that I transcribed from all 39 English-dubbed episodes of Monkey, see the Monkey Narrator Quotes page.

4) My web site URL will appear on each Monkey videotape label!

Video box previews
[Design: Form]

You can see little previews of all the completed Monkey video box designs on the Sendit web site!
Go to their Monkey Videos page, and click the picture of each video box design in turn.

Click on the preview images below to see larger versions of them.

Video box 1 (episodes 1 - 3)

Preview of video box 1 (episodes 1 - 3)

Video box 2 (episodes 4 - 6)

Preview of video box 2 (episodes 4 -6)

Video box 3 (episodes 7 - 9)

Preview of video box 3 (episodes 7 - 9)

Video box 4 (episodes 10 - 12)

Preview of video box 4 (episodes 10 -12)

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