There will be 13 videos released in total, each containing 3 episodes, and costing 12.99 each. The first 2 videos were released on Monday 3 April 2000, and they'll continue release all the other videos, 1 video every month.

A few things are certain:

There is no immediate plan to release the series on DVD, although Fabulous Films are interested in possibly doing this sometime in the future. However, to do this requires a completely separate deal to be made with NTV. So for the moment, they're concentrating on the video release.

I asked about whether they would consider releasing the 13 undubbed episodes, and they said that the current deal is for a specific number of episodes, i.e. the 39 English-dubbed episodes. At the moment, they'll concentrate on releasing these. I'll mention it to them again sometime in the future.

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