"Yume no yokai, yuki shogun" (season 2, episode 7)


Tripitaka starts getting disturbing dreams in which he is attacked by a dream demon and his army. In one of these dreams, Tripitaka gets a hand chopped off, and then his head is chopped off. He wakes up screaming, and his disciples become concerned about him.

These bad dreams occur more and more, and he starts getting them during the day. He becomes more and more withdrawn, until he's in a permanent trance. At this point, in the dreams he's tied to a wooden cross, while the dream demon attacks him.

Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy get the impression that their master has become possessed by a demon, and they think of ways of helping him. Monkey turns a chest hair into a detecting device which he uses to measure how "ill" Tripitaka is. It makes bleeping noises, like a metal detector.

They put Tripitaka into a huge net and suspend the net from a rotating beam of wood, with a rock hanging on the other end to balance it. Sandy does some magic, and Tripitaka goes spinning around at lightning speed. Unfortunately, this doesn't help.

They decide to put Tripitaka into an old-fashioned diving suit (complete with helmet), and put him in a huge cooking pot (cauldron?) full of water. They then boil the water (with Tripitaka in it) over an open fire. Things get very freaky indeed...

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