"Okaruto! Akuryo no sumu yakata" (season 2, episode 6)


For some reason, Tripitaka, Monkey and the horse are travelling without Pigsy and Sandy. It's very hot, and in an attempt to get water, they get Yu-Lung to turn back into dragon form, in the hope that he can fly up into the sky, and cry onto them. It fails.

They find a building in the middle of nowhere. They go in, and it starts to collapse around them. Tripitaka is knocked unconscious.

A man and his daughter find Tripitaka and Monkey, and take them in as their guests.

In the meantime, Sandy is wandering, desperate for water. He finds a bottle of water, drinks some, and puts some on his head. He appears to be poisoned, and is captured by a group of bandits. They've already got Pigsy, and Sandy and Pigsy end up tied up together.

Meanwhile, the man who's taken in Monkey and Tripitaka is awoken from his sleep, and seems to be possessed. He wanders like a zombie to where Monkey is asleep, and does some magic by waving his fingers in front of his face. Monkey is awoken, is in pain, and gets levitated from his bed, banging himself against the ceiling.

The next day, they find the man's daughter has disappeared (they just find her shoe). The same bandits who have Pigsy and Sandy have kidnapped her.

Monkey goes off to find the man's daughter.

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