"Tobaku yokai, miira-tori ga miira ni" (season 2, episode 3)


The pilgrims arrive at a village where the men spend all their lives gambling, and the women are angry about it. One man loses his daughter in a bet, and hangs himself.

Pigsy and Sandy decide to do some gambling (I don't know why - maybe to win the man's daughter back?), but lose everything (including their clothes), and return to Tripitaka dressed in sack cloth clothes.

One of the games involves rolling a die, and whoever guesses the number rolled wins. To help Pigsy and Sandy win, Monkey turns into a die and they cunningly swap the normal die for the "Monkey die". Each time Pigsy and Sandy guess a number, they go down close to the cup over the die and blatantly shout it out loud several times so Monkey can hear them and roll over to the number they've picked.

There's a funny moment where we see a closeup of Monkey's head peeking out of the "1 spot" on the die while it's under the cup. When Monkey turns back into his normal form, he's badly bruised after being thrown about.

The gambling den boss is ruled by an evil demon, and he's responsible for luring the men there, away from their wives.

Common themes in episode: hanging, gambling.

There's one bit in the episode where Pigsy is just about to stab himself with a knife, which is a bit heavy.

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