Monkey Undubbed Episodes

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These 13 undubbed episodes were dubbed into English by the original cast and crew in 2004! For more information, see the Monkey Dubbing page.

Until sometime in 1998, I thought that only 39 episodes of Monkey had been made: season 1 consisting of 26 episodes, and season 2 consisting of 13 episodes. In actual fact, 26 episodes were made in season 2, but 13 of these episodes (NOT THE LAST 13 episodes) were never dubbed into English; they exist only in their original Japanese form. These episodes include one about a mummy, another about a land with 2 suns, another about a cat monster.

They don't get to India, not even in these 13 undubbed episodes. The series finished very abruptly without them ever reaching India.
Some people get confused by the 13 undubbed Japanese Monkey episodes. These episodes aren't 13 episodes after the 39 English-dubbed episodes - they're a selection of 13 episodes from the 26 episodes in season 2 of Monkey. The last-ever Japanese episode was "At the Top of the Mountain", and this WAS dubbed into English.
To reiterate:
1) The last dubbed episode is "At the Top of the Mountain"
2) The last undubbed episode is "At the Top of the Mountain" (i.e. the same episode)

Below are the Japanese titles and rough translations of the undubbed episodes. Some of them include a short summary. The dates are the Japanese broadcast dates.

I've received some of these undubbed Monkey episodes, and you can see my rough descriptions of them by clicking on the DESCRIPTION link next to them in the list below. Naturally, since my Japanese is very limited, I don't totally understand what's going on in these episodes - I'm just trying to see what's going on from the visuals. In my descriptions, my aim is to tell you about the setup of the story, with a few snippets about moments to look out for (obviously, I won't give away the conclusion of the story).

Would you be interested in getting a copy of these 13 undubbed Monkey episodes? If so, check out the individual UK Monkey DVDs released by Fabulous Films - they contain English-subtitled versions of these episodes, or the Monkey DVD Boxsets (UK) - they contain newly-dubbed into English versions of these episodes!

NOTE: These 13 undubbed Monkey episodes were shown on cable TV in Japan between April and September 2000! See the Monkey TV Guide - Japan Cable page for more details!

You can see pictures from some of these undubbed Monkey episodes by clicking on the PICTURES link next to them in the list below.

The undubbed episodes are episodes 29,30,31,32,33,34,35,40,45,48,49,50,51 (i.e. Episodes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,14,19,22,23,24,25 of season 2). They feature the new Pigsy (Tonpei Hidari) and Yu-Lung (the horse in human form).
To see exactly where the undubbed episodes are in the original sequence of 52 Monkey episodes, see the Full Mapping of all 52 Monkey episodes page.

Undubbed episode 1 (season 2, episode 3)
29. Tobaku yokai, miira-tori ga miira ni (25 Nov. 1979) [DESCRIPTION] [PICTURES]
[Gambling ghost, the biter bit]

Tripitaka and his friends approach a spooky village lined with ruined houses, where a dead man's body hangs. Out of the ruined houses little girls dash, calling, "Give me back my father!" and pelt the friends with stones. From an old woman of the village, the group learns that a monster has settled in the village and driven the men mad with gambling fever, thus laying waste the village.

Undubbed episode 2 (season 2, episode 4)
30. Ochikobore no kyofu! Bunsu yokai (2 Dec. 1979) [DESCRIPTION] [PICTURES]
[The flotsam terror! The fragmented ghost]

Undubbed episode 3 (season 2, episode 5)
31. Yoi taiyo ga futus no kuni (9 Dec. 1979) [DESCRIPTION] [PICTURES]
[Weird & strange, a land with two suns]

A bird-monster spirit gets hold of a wonderful mirror and makes two suns, extinguishing night. The village folk must sacrifice a beautiful woman to the god to gain night once a year. Tripitaka and his friends wander in to this village. Monkey takes the shape of the women to be sacrificed to discover the god's true form.

Undubbed episode 4 (season 2, episode 6)
32. Okaruto! Akuryo no sumu yakata (16 Dec. 1979) [DESCRIPTION] [PICTURES]
[Occult! The house of the evil spirit]

Undubbed episode 5 (season 2, episode 7)
33. Yume no yokai, yuki shogun (23 Dec. 1979) [DESCRIPTION]
[The dream ghost, demon general]

Undubbed episode 6 (season 2, episode 8)
34. Onnadarake no bakeneko sodo (30 Dec. 1979)
[Goblin-cat troubles full of women]

Tripitaka and friends arrive in Biku country and are capture by armed women. According to the queen of that country, the king is tormented by the ghost of the queen of the ruined country, Shien. There being no men to ask, the women defend the country. Tripitaka lends his aid to the queen.

Undubbed episode 7 (season 2, episode 9)
35. Jigoku gokuraku chuburarin (6 Jan. 1980)
[Between heaven and hell]

Undubbed episode 8 (season 2, episode 14)
40. Kijo yokai nerawareta shinkon fufu (10 Feb. 1980)
[Newlyweds stalked by a devil-woman spirit]

Undubbed episode 9 (season 2, episode 19)
45. Nise Saiyuki, kiki ippatsu (16 Mar. 1980)
[False "Journey to the West" ; a hair's breadth escape]

Continuing on their arduous journey, Tripitaka and his friends are attacked by a false Tripitaka and company. These were underlings of the spirit world who anted to increase their prestige by destroying the mighty Monkey. Dealt a severe blow by Monkey, they take their revenge by going about wrecking villages in Monkey & company's guise.

Undubbed episode 10 (season 2, episode 22)
48. Yoki no yama, otenba-hime no koi (6 Apr. 1980)
[Spooky mountain, a tomboy-princess's love]

Undubbed episode 11 (season 2, episode 23)
49. Yojutsu, ishibotoke ni natta Sanzo ikko (13 Apr. 1980)
[Sorcery! Tripitaka and his friends turned into stone Buddhas]

Undubbed episode 12 (season 2, episode 24)
50. Seiro Mao mangetsu e no toboe (20 Apr. 1980)
[Blue-Wolf Demon howls at the full moon]

Undubbed episode 13 (season 2, episode 25)
51. Koryu Mao Goku no bojo (27 Apr. 1980)
[Tiger-Dragon Demon, Monkey's yearning]

A list of the first 39 episodes (which were dubbed into English) can be found on the Marty's Web Pages: Monkey web page, and summaries for them can be found on the Monkey Summaries page.

A list of all 52 original Japanese episodes (and the dates when they were first shown in Japan) can be found on the Saiyuuki season 1 (in Japanese) and the Saiyuuki season 2 (in Japanese) web pages. Both these pages are written all in Japanese.

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