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 [new] Monkey returns to UK TV in 2006 - every Thursday and Friday at 6pm on ITV4!  [new]
 [new] Includes the 13 unseen episodes!  [new]

The whole series of Monkey (all 52 episodes) will be shown in the correct order on ITV4, starting Friday 10 February 2006, in its original 6pm timeslot that it had when first shown in the UK back in the 1970s!!!

ITV4 is available on Freeview, NTL and Sky (see the ITV4 website for more info).

This includes the 13 newly-dubbed unseen episodes that until a few years ago were never seen outside Japan!
(see the Monkey Dubbing page for more information about these newly-dubbed episodes)

To find out which Monkey episode is showing this Friday, check out the ITV4 TV Guide.

The very first episode of Monkey was shown as part of BBC THREE's (then called BBC CHOICE) Japan TV Weekend - on the 5th and 6th of August 2000. Other programmes shown included cult Japanese movies such as Tokyo Drifter and Violent Cop as well as the world premiere of a new, epic manga cartoon Jin Roh: Wolf Brigade and some very revealing and eye-opening documentaries on Japanese culture in the 21st Century.

To help support the Japan TV weekend and the showing of Monkey, Masaaki Sakai (the actor who played Monkey) did an interview with the Guardian newspaper in the UK. For full information on this interview, see the Monkey Interviews - Masaaki Sakai - Guardian newspaper page.

Monkey was the first TV show of this Japan TV weekend - it was shown at 21:00 Saturday 5 August 2000, and it was repeated again at 01:05 Sunday 6 August 2000 to finish the first night of the Japan TV weekend.
Here's how they described it on the BBC Choice web site:
"To kick off Japan TV Weekend, BBC CHOICE travels back in time to China, AD630, where the mischievious King Monkey is summoned to Heaven in the first ever episode of this cult 80s series."

Here's some more information about the Japan TV weekend, that I received from the BBC:
"The BBC Choice site has produced a mini-site which provides a flavour of what you might expect - 8 mood films which look at the cultural diversity of Tokyo, from the artistic precision of making sushi to the glimpse of a high-tech city in Tokyo Timelapse. It also provides great links to Japan-related sites."

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