"Pigsy, King and God" (Season 1, Episode 21)

[Contributed by Chris Hadgis (chrish@mincom.com)]


The pilgrims enter the Kingdom of Red-Hog. Monkey and Sandy are teasing Pigsy. He appeals to Tripitaka for help, but Tripitaka tells him he should be more truthful.

In the village, there is the noise of a celebration. They say that the prophecy about Pigsy has come true. They think he has chosen to leave Heaven and save Earth. They want him to be their king and hog god. Monkey and Sandy try to convince him otherwise and tell the villagers that he is a bad choice for a king and god, but of course Pigsy wants to stay there. Monkey says their insults were only jokes and that he has no sense of humour. Tripitaka reminds him that Buddha will return everything Pigsy has lost once the scriptures have been returned. However, Pigsy is determined to stay.

Monkey and Sandy still can't believe it.

Monkey: "You know what he's the king of? All the idiots"

Tripitaka says they should stay and that Pigsy is only being stubborn. Monkey and Sandy mock Pigsy. Tripitaka says they are to blame for this because they teased Pigsy and accepts some of the blame himself. He wants Monkey and Sandy to convince Pigsy to come back to them.

Sandy wonders if there is a country which accepts fish spirits as kings. Monkey says Tripitaka doesn't understand Pigsy.

Monkey: "How can he begin to understand the depth of the hog's stupidity"

Monkey suggests they tell Tripitaka they tried to convince Pigsy to return while they have a good night's sleep.

Tripitaka is visited by a spirit. It is the former king of Red-Hog. He was killed by an usurper, Sai Tasume, who is really the red hog monster spirit. He is a cunning politician who wants to convert the country to hog worship. He holds the spirit's daughter, Green Lotus, prisoner. He'll sacrifice her and the other disciples. Tripitaka must stop him so the spirit can rest. He agrees to help.

Tripitaka: "Hog worship is carrying religious tolerance too far"

Sai Tasume is in his demon form. He eventually wants to rule Heaven itself.

The next morning, Monkey and Sandy awaken to "an orgy of hog worship" as Sandy calls it. The Red Hog Demon says the princess must be sacrificed. He says the hog god will allow you to do whatever you want. Behind him, there is a landslide on the mountain. It clears to reveal two huge doors, which eventually open to reveal a giant statue of Pigsy! Pigsy's spirit is inside it. This makes Monkey angry and he wants to fight. Pigsy says no, and that he is their idol. "Bone idle" says Monkey as the fight begins. It ends when the Red Hog Demon blows through a bamboo tube, turning Sandy's arm to stone. Monkey and Sandy escape.

Monkey and Sandy meet up with some rebels. The rebels, led by Hung Yu, think hog worship is wrong. They tell Monkey and Sandy about the Red Hog Demon. They want to rescue the princess but they fear his weapon, the bamboo tube.

Sandy : "Old Pigsy had a stone head anyway, so it's likely to be difficult to notice the difference"
Monkey: "Look here, Sandy, what a thing to say. I know Pigsy was an idiot but his head was really soft and never hard"

Sandy wants a spell to restore his arm to flesh. Monkey tells Hung Yu to help Sandy look after Tripitaka while he searches the palace for the princess. Monkey promises Sandy he will help him.

Meanwhile, Tripitaka is trying to convince the villagers that hog worship is wrong. He is arrested by guards.

The Red Hog Demon wants a confession from the princess, but instead she wrote a list of all the horrible things he has done. He can't kill her until she signs a confession, Monkey turns into a wasp to follow the Red Hog Demon to the princess.

She is playing "paper, scissors, rock" with her jailor, Lee Tsu, who is still loyal to her. Her cell door is unlocked. She has promised she won't try and escape. She realises the "king" is really a demon. She tells him she was only teasing when she wrote that list and she promises to write him a confession tomorrow. It must say that Buddhism led her to unspeakable evil. If she refuses, he will torture her. The Red Hog Demon leaves.

She knows she can't write the confession. Lee Tsu wants her to escape but she refuses because she believes everything will work out. Monkey appears and says he is here to rescue her. He makes a doll - a replica of the princess - to trick the demon. He warns Lee Tsu not to touch it. As they leave, Monkey's staff gets stuck in the doorway, tripping him.

Once they are outside, Monkey calls his cloud and they fly away. She struggles so much that she falls, but Monkey catches her in time. He tells her to put her arms around his waist and hold on tight.

They return to Sandy and the rebels. Tripitaka is gone. A girl arrives and tells them that he has been captured.

The Red Hog Demon tells Tripitaka he and the princess are going to be executed. He thinks hog worship will make him immortal.

Monkey, Sandy, and the rebels are trying to think of a way to rescue Tripitaka. The princess says they should all fight. Sandy reminds her of the bamboo tube. Green Lotus says it is hers. It is from Korea, and grows once every thousand years. To restore Sandy's arm, they have to reverse the tube, and suck instead of blow. She has a plan to get the bamboo tube. The villagers spend the evening cutting bamboo up into tubes. Monkey and Sandy are worried about Tripitaka as he languishes in his cell.

Green Lotus is wearing her father's robes. Hung Yu says she is already their queen but she says they must still fight the Red Hog Demon. They march off to battle.

The Red Hog Demon goes for his confession, and soon discovers the deception. A guard tells him the princess is attacking.

The fight is in progress. The princess accidentally causes Monkey to get hit in the head, and Sandy releases Tripitaka. The Red Hog Demon stops the fight. As he prepares to blow into the tube, the villagers throw their bamboo tubes at him, causing him to drop his. Because all the tubes look alike, he can't find his.

The Red Hog Demon changes into demon form and challenges Monkey to a fight. The demon whistles up his black cloud, and Monkey calls his. Monkey chases him. They have an aerial joust. The demon makes the Pigsy statue snort smoke at Monkey, temporarily blinding him. As he comes out of the smoke, he sees a wall. There is no time to fly over it, so he just goes through it. This gives him a headache.

The demon flies through a forest. As Monkey chases him, the demon causes trees to fall, trying to crush Monkey. Then he flies through a mountain range. He conjures a cloud from which lightning strikes the mountains, breaking boulders off so that they fall on Monkey. He dodges them all.

Monkey knocks the demon off his cloud. The demon falls, but his cloud catches him in time. Unfortunately, it also flies into a building. Monkey flies at the demon, and by extending his staff, he pins the demon against the mountain behind the Pigsy statue. This creates a landslide which buries the Red Hog Demon.

Tripitaka: "You didn't hurt him, I hope"
Monkey : "No. He didn't feel a thing"

The princess, now a queen, thanks Monkey. She tells Tripitaka she will try to be a good queen, and her country will become a Buddhist country.

Pigsy reminds everyone he is still a statue. Monkey says he must apologise for being so stubborn, but Pigsy doesn't want to. They eventually find the correct tube. Pigsy and Sandy's arm are restored. The queen bids them farewell.

The pilgrims continue their journey.


* This is the second episode where Tripitaka is visited by a spirit.

* Once again, Pigsy's stubbornness leads him into trouble.

* Exactly how the statue of Pigsy becomes so big is never addressed. One can suppose it is part of the Red Hog Demon's magic powers.

* Look for the infamous "Monkey gropes the princess" scene when Monkey steps forward to accept the Red Hog Demon's challenge.

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