"Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil" (Season 1, Episode 17)

[Contributed by Chris Hadgis (chrish@mincom.com)]


The pilgrims are wandering throught the Gobi desert. There is a terrible sandstorm. Sandy is thirsty. Monkey spits into his palm and rubs Sandy's head. He then collects some of Sandy's tears and rubs them in too.

They enter a town and find dead people in the street. Sandy finds a well where he can quench his thirst. As he is about to drink it, one of the villagers warns him that the water has been poisoned by the Grey Gloves Devil.

Tripitaka is praying for the dead. He admonishes Sandy for lack of discipline. Monkey has brought fresh water from far away.

Sandy : I'm a camel.
Monkey: And your head is a hump.

Sandy drinks all the water. Monkey has discovered the Grey Gloves Devil is a human.

Pigsy enters the town, dragged behind some horses being ridden by bandits. They are about to draw and quarter the drugged Pigsy when Monkey and Sandy attack them and drive them off.

Monkey: Sometimes I think you're more crazy than stupid.
Pigsy : Now that I'm awake don't go flattering me.

The Grey Gloves Devil is a human with magic powers. He has dark eyes which he uses to hypnotise people.

The bandits return to the Grey Gloves Devil and tell him of Monkey and Sandy.

The pilgrims continue. Pigsy is still trailing behind. The Grey Gloves Devil casts a spell and they are surrounded by magic fire. Sandy uses his magic and spits water on the fire, putting it out. After they climb a mountain, Tripitaka says they can rest in the next village.

They enter the village. Tripitaka is worried about Pigsy. An old woman is thrown out of a building. The villagers think she is a witch. Her son left her many years ago. The pilgrims defend her. Tripitaka berates them but they don't care. They claim she is not feeble, and that they have tolerated her for years. After she beats a villager, Tripitaka believes them, but asks them to forgive her one more time. They do so reluctantly.

She asks Tripitaka some questions. He says he is from China. She gets the idea that Tripitaka is her son Su Fung. she is overjoyed and boasts to the villagers. Tripitaka and Monkey tell her this is not her son but she refuses to believe them. As the villagers mock her, the pilgrims leave town.

A woodsman tells the pilgrims (Pigsy is still behind the others) that the old woman is going to China to look for her son. The woodsman says her son left her to become a magician. Monkey sees the old woman on the ridge, about to jump. Tripitaka orders him to rescue her. He carries her down the mountain as she beats his head with a stick. She threatens to kill herself if Tripitaka denies he is her son. He says he is her son, much to the dismay of Sandy and Monkey. The old woman is happy.

They return to the village. Tripitaka thinks he can help her. Sandy says it is wrong to lie to her, and uses Buddha's rules to back him up. Monkey reminds Tripitaka of their journey. Tripitaka is upset and tells them to go and look for Pigsy.

Pigsy meets the Grey Gloves Devil's bandits again. They are looking for Tripitaka. Pigsy is hypnotised again and is captured.

Monkey flies aroud looking for Pigsy. He can smell him. He arrives at the Blue Dragon Grotto. There is a pigsty nearby, and he suspects one of the pigs is really Pigsy. A henchman comes out to feed the pigs and Monkey catches him. He admits the pig is Pigsy. He tells Monkey that the Grey Gloves Devil was to become a Buddhist priest but became a devil instead when the Blue Dragon Grotto demons forced him to. They are dead now. He tells Monkey about the Grey Gloves Devil's hypnotic powers, and also mentions the Grey Gloves Devil ran away from home to escape his witch of a mother.

Monkey and Sandy think they should tell Ma Su her son is really the Grey Gloves Devil. Tripitaka insists she never know the truth. Ma Su gets Tripitaka to dig a garden. Eventually, Sandy and Monkey take over because they feel guilty and Tripitaka is not very strong.

Pigsy thinks he is surrounded by beautiful girls but they are really sheep.

Monkey wants to tell Ma Su the truth. He tells Ma Su her son is the Grey Gloves Devil and the leader of the bandits. She doesn't believe him and takes to Monkey with a stick. She tells Tripitaka what Monkey said. Tripitaka denies it and tries to comfort Ma Su.

The bandits find the village where the pilgrims are staying. They tell the Grey Gloves Devil and he orders them to attack.

The villagers hear of the attack and panic. Ma Su tells Tripitaka to go without her but Tripitaka refuses and orders Monkey to carry her. She finally admits that she realises Tripitaka is not her son.

Bandits break into the house and kill an old woman.

The pilgrims escape with Ma Su. The Grey Gloves Devil follows them. A fight begins. The Grey Gloves Devil hypnotises Sandy. Monkey blindfolds himself and continues to fight. He starts hitting a rock, convinced that it is the Grey Gloves Devil.

"Don't give orders while I'm hitting you" [Monkey]

The Grey Gloves Devil captures Tripitaka and uses him as a hostage. He uses his magic to chain Monkey's arms. As he is about to kill Tripitaka, Ma Su recognises him. She admits to being his mother. The Grey Gloves Devil denies it. His spells have no effect on her. For proof she tells him he a burn scar, received in a fire, on his hand. She beats him with her stick.

His spells are broken - Monkey's chains are gone and Pigsy is no longer hypnotised. He admits she is his mother and they are reconciled.

The pilgrims continue their journey.


* We see a rare display of Sandy's magic power.

* Sandy is once again shown to be a great philosopher.

* Monkey sings a song in Japanese as he digs in the garden.

* Pigsy has very little to do in this episode.

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