"Two Little Blessings" (Season 1, Episode 23)

[Contributed by Chris Hadgis (chrish@mincom.com)]


The time is fourty years before Tripitaka's journey. Two star-crossed lovers, Chun-Ying and Yu-Lee, are running away. The fertility god, Ju-Lee catches them and opposes their union. Chun-Ying is in the country of women folk. Yu-Lee says they are in love, but Ju-Lee says love is forbidden. Chun-Ying begs Ju-Lee to let them go. Ju-Lee accuses Chun-Ying of trying to steal the "water of generations" and blasts him. Yu-Lee says she will do anything to get him back. Ju-Lee ages her and tells her she is to be the keeper of the "well of small blessings" for fourty years until Tripitaka comes. He must be made to drink the water. If she does this, her youth and Chun-Ying will be returned to her.

Narrator: "To know the future is to change it"

The pilgrims are walking along when they hear some music. They see a procession of women going towards a hut. The women ring the bell and Yu-Lee appears. An older woman's daughter has reached maturity and they beg Yu-Lee for the "woman's cup". They bring Yu-Lee a tribute. Yu-Lee offers the woman some water and says to be careful because the area is in drought.

The pilgrims hear this. Monkey thinks the water must be magic because there is no drought - all the streams are full. They think she is cheating the women and decide to stop her.

Yu-Lee is unloading the tribute as Monkey and Pigsy confront her. They mention they are going to India with Tripitaka. She gets excited when they mention his name and mutters that the prophecy is true. She wants them to take some holy water to Tripitaka. Her eagerness makes Monkey suspicious and he wants to hear about the prophecy. She says when Tripitaka drinks the water, a great blessing will descend upon him. She fetches some water for them. They think it will be okay.

Narrator: "Once they asked a wise man 'Is he who gives you a wild tiger in a jade box being truly generous?' The great sage replied 'How should I know?'"

They bring the water back. Pigsy is excited but Monkey is thoughtful. Tripitaka is thirsty, and Sandy is thirsty and hungry. As Tripitaka is about to drink, Monkey stops him. He can't work out what "water of little blessings means". He is suspicious of Yu-Lee, but Pigsy believes her. Sandy thinks he should try the water, but Pigsy takes the bottle and drinks first. He thinks it is great and feels fine, but he gets stomach cramps and thinks he has been poisoned. Monkey tells him to drink some water and Pigsy drinks from the bottle a second time. Tripitaka thinks they should find a doctor while Monkey and Sandy argue about where they should bury him. As Monkey helps Pigsy to his feet, he sneakily makes him drink from the bottle a third time.

They enter a village and start looking for a doctor. A woman asks if Pigsy is sick and they tell her what happened. She tells them Pigsy is pregnant! The others don't believe it. She goes on to explain that the women drink the water to become pregnant because there are no men in the village. The god Ju-Lee is wicked and jealous, and forces them to live without men or love. There is a fountain that shows expectant mothers the truth so they take Pigsy there.

Monkey: "Motherhood will suit you well"
Pigsy: "Another fine mess you've gotten me into"

Pigsy looks in the well and realises the truth - he is going to be a father.

Back in the village, the others try and console Pigsy.

Sandy: "If men could have children, swine could fly"

Pigsy worries that Tripitaka could have become pregnant as the water was meant for him.

Monkey: "You're not just a pretty face. Not even a pretty face"

Monkey realises that Ju-Lee is a demon and is really after Tripitaka. In a dream sequence, Pigsy is carrying his child - a piglet - on his back. He fights off five bandits. The piglet keeps calling him "mummy". After the dream sequence, the other three are laughing out loud. Tripitaka wonder what they can do. Monkey suggest they puncture Pigsy and let the hot air out. Tripitaka giggles at that.

Narrator: "Truly it is said that dragon feathers are as rare as sympathy for an expectant father. Never has a father been expectant in quite this way"

Yu-Lee is praying to Ju-Lee to honour his promise. Monkey and Sandy walk in on her.

Sandy : "I didn't know she was so hideous. You didn't tell me that."
Monkey: "She's only ordinarily revolting."

She laughs when they tell her Pigsy is pregnant. Monkey tries to make her say why she wanted Tripitaka to drink the water. He tries to get Sandy to talk to her."

Sandy: "She's older than Buddha's whiskers"

She shoves his head into a bucket of the water and runs off. When Monkey gets the bucket off Sandy's head, Sandy admits that he drank some of the water. He becomes pregnant too!

Tripitaka tends to Sandy and Pigsy. Monkey thinks they should find a midwife. Pigsy can feel his baby kicking. He and Sandy have cravings for green gages.

Yu-Lee takes tributes - fruit and wine - to Ju-Lee. She wants him to honour his promise but he knows Tripitaka did not drink the water. Yu-Lee is upset.

Yu-Lee tries again to get Tripitaka to drink the water. She goes to the village herself and offers him some. Monkey has been out finding green gages for Sandy and Pigsy. When he returns, he sees Yu-Lee's staff outside. He kicks open the door and sees Tripitaka about to drink the water. Using his magic, he smashes the bottle just in time. Monkey throws her out. They work out she is under an enchantment. Monkey offers to help her and she eventually accepts but refuses to tell them her story.

Monkey: "Take as long as you want but tell me now"

She soon tells them about herself. She tells them that if they find the "fountain of men" and bring some water back, Sandy and Pigsy will be returned to normal.

Yu-Lee tells Ju-Lee that she tricked him and told Tripitaka all about his plans. He is furious. Yu-Lee is Monkey in disguise.

Monkey: "You're not a god, you're a birthday cake"

Ju-Lee: "I don't want to fight"
Monkey: "You old spoil-sport"

After Monkey calls him a sissy, they fight. Ju-Lee takes to the sky and Monkey follows him. Ju-Lee's cloud is jet-powered. Monkey is blinded by the smoke. Eventually, the two clouds collide. The bottom of Monkey's cloud is stuck to the bottom of Ju-Lee's cloud. Ju-Lee flips over so that Mokey is hanging upside-down and tries to knock him off. They spin around quickly and the clouds soon separate. Ju-Lee disappears.

Monkey lands and starts looking for him. He finds an invisible wall and breaks through to find the "fountain of men". It is guarded by and old man. He was set to guard it by Ju-Lee fourty years ago. He is of course Chun-Ying. Monkey offers to help him but Chun-Ying refuses his help.

Ju-Lee appears. Chun-Ying refuses to give Monkey the water. Ju-Lee says he lured Monkey here where his power is great. He turns his staff into a spear and they fight again. Monkey knocks Ju-Lee's spear away and Chun-Ying bites Monkey. Ju-Lee recovers his spear and blasts Monkey, sending him flying away somewhere.

Tripitaka and Yu-Lee are tending Sandy and Pigsy. The births aren't far away. Pigsy wants to name his baby after Tripitaka. Monkey comes back to earth with a thud, outside the house where Tripitaka and the others are. He says Chun-Ying drove him off before he could get the water. Yu-lee thinks Monkey bashed him. Tripitaka calms her down and asks her is she has anything Chun-Ying gave her that Monkey can give to him to remind him of her. She gives Monkey a comb.

Monkey returns to the well. Chun-Ying bites him again. Monkey shows him the comb and he remembers it. Monkey promises to reunite him with Yu-Lee if he gives him some water. Ju-Lee appears again. Monkey disarms him and they continue to fight. Ju-Lee asks Chun-Ying to get his spear for him. Chun-Ying retrieves it and strikes Ju-Lee with it. Ju-Lee dies. His spells are broken - Chun-Ying and Yu-Lee are restored to their former selves.

Monkey returns Chun-Ying to the village where he is reunited with Yu-Lee. Monkey gives some of the water to Sandy. Yu-Lee warns that too much water will fill him with energy. Pigsy refuses to drink because he wants the baby instead of going to India. The others hold him down. Monkey takes a mouthful of water and forces it into Pigsy the quickest and safest way - mouth to mouth. Pigsy and Sandy are no longer pregnant. Pigsy must have had too much because he is full of energy and wants to go for a jog.

The pilgrims continue their journey.


* 'Monkey' has sometimes been accused of cheesy effects. But there are some effects which look quite impressive, like the explosions at the start of this episode.

* Blooper? - when Monkey and Pigsy are sitting on a wall, waiting for Yu-Lee to return, Monkey slips and falls off.

* Monkey makes Pigsy drink from the bottle twice more after Pigsy's first drink. Does he know that the water is not poisonous? It seems he suspects the water will do something to Pigsy, but it won't kill him.

* Alliteration - "wicked old witch with the water" (Monkey).

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