"What Monkey Calls the Dog-Woman" (Season 1, Episode 9)

[Contributed by Chris Hadgis (chrish@mincom.com)]


A local magistrate, Lord Lee, is going out to hunt bandits. He has a kind son named Yun Chun, and a kinder daughter named Yin Chin. He is a cruel man, as we see when he slaps his daughter because she prays for him. Apparently, she has bad blood from her mother. After he leaves, bandits attack his house.

Monkey is out foraging for food. When he returns, Tripitaka tells him the other two couldn't wait for him and went on ahead. Pigsy and Sandy find food in the forest. Sandy doubts whether they should eat it, but Pigsy says it is from the Buddha. In fact, it belongs to the bandits. They threaten to kill Pigsy and Sandy unless they run an errand for them - they must fetch a leather bag from the magistrate.

"A leather bag is nothing, nor is a bucket or a brain. These only become useful when something is put into them" [narrator]

Pigsy and Sandy ask for the bag, but the magistrate orders them to be arrested. Sandy runs for help and Pigsy is eventually captured. While Sandy tells Monkey and Tripitaka what has happened, Pigsy is interrogated. Lord Lee thinks Pigsy has kidnapped his daughter.

"If I have one fine quality it's that I don't tell the truth about everything" [Pigsy]

Monkey arrives to rescue Pigsy. The magistrate offers to let the pilgrims go if Monkey stays behind to capture the kidnappers.

"When they behead you, you won't even notice" [Monkey to Sandy]

Tripitaka, Pigsy, and Sandy arrive at the next village. Tripitaka feels a sense of foreboding, but Pigsy decides they should stay. A young girl (Yin Chin to us, but the pilgrims don't know it) who seems to recognise Tripitaka tries to warn them away from the inn. Another lady comes out and makes them feel welcome.

After the pilgrims go up to their room, it is revealed that the other lady is Yin Chin's mother, who is possessed by a dog spirit. We also learn that Yin Chin came to her mother willingly, and the kidnapping was a ruse. The mother is evil, and has plans for Tripitaka. Yin Chin tries to disuade her because she likes Tripitaka.

Yun Chun starts to tell Monkey about Yin Chin's mother, but Lord Lee stops him. An arrow is fired into the house. It has a message on it. The bandits want 200 gold pieces to ransom Yin Chin, and Lord Lee must bring it alone. Monkey suggests that Lord Lee does as they say.

Lord Lee takes the gold, but the bandits will not release Yin Chin. When they mention her mother's name and Lord Lee says he has never heard of her, they realise he is Monkey in disguise. The bandits reveal themselves to be dog spirits. After a brief fight, they run back to their mistress.

Sandy goes looking for the hostess. He overhears her berating the bandits for not killing Monkey. The gold they have brought back was really just some stones. Sandy rushes back to tell Tripitaka and Pigsy. They are caught by the mother and the bandits. The bandits want to eat Tripitaka, but the mother decides she is going to marry him instead.

Monkey now learns the full story about Yin Chin's mother. After Lord Lee's first wife died, he was very lonely. He then married Yin Chin's mother. Later, he realised she was a dog spirit, and once he caught her trying to kill Yun Chun. He tells Monkey she is capable of unimaginable evil.

"100 years, and even unimaginable evil is just called history" [narrator]

Monkey placed a homing beetle in the pouch with the money. It flies back to Monkey to reveal the bandit's hideout. Yun Chun wants to help get his sister back and Monkey agrees. He says Lord Lee is very cold, unaware that Lord Lee is listening.

Monsters, disguised as humans, arrive for the wedding. Monkey turns himself into a wasp and goes looking for the others.

"Now I must buzz off" [Monkey, in wasp form]

Tripitaka, Pigsy, and Sandy argue whether Tripitaka should marry the mother or not. Tripitaka decides he must.

"The dog woman was it? Ignore it then, she's a bitch" [Sandy]

Monkey finds them and starts to release them. They can hear bandits coming. The bandits pick up Tripitaka and take him away to the altar.

Tripitaka asks Yin Chin if she would be happy to live with him and her mother. She says she is not. Monkey then reveals he is Tripitaka in disguise, and says he will fight all the spirits. While they fight, Yun Chun rescues his sister. Eventually, all the spirits are defeated and Monkey takes off after the mother. He defeats her quickly, and is about to kill her, when Yin Chin appears and begs Monkey not to kill her. Yin Chin's mother says she is ashamed of her daughter, and wanders off into the hills.

The pilgrims, Yin Chin, and Yun Chun return to Lord Lee's house. She apologizes to her father and asks for forgiveness. He then asks her for forgiveness and they are reconciled.

Tripitaka tells Pigsy that he has a family, referring to himself, Monkey, and Sandy. The pilgrims continue their journey.


* Monkey turns his hair into a beetle and a lock-pick.

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