"The Difference Between Night and Day" (Season 1, Episode 11)

[Contributed by Chris Hadgis (chrish@mincom.com)]


The pilgrims encounter an invisible wall. Monkey says it is magic and tears a hole in it. On the other side, it is night. That land belongs to the Queen of Night. The barrier is a curtain between night and day.

The pilgrims try to figure out why the queen is keeping her country in perpetual night. The queen and her followers are vampires. They feed on the inhabitants of the village. Monkey stops the queen from feeding on a young woman. She wants Monkey to join her, but when he reveals he has a human master, she orders her followers to attack him. He beats them and chases after the queen. During an aerial fight, he knocks her to the ground.

Pigsy finds the queen and makes a move on her. As he hugs her, she bites him, he says it tickles. She tastes his blood and finds it horrid. However, she invites him to her house, to talk, and tells him she is divorced from the King of Day. Pigsy goes with her.

Monkey is looking for Pigsy. He finds a sleeping girl who reminds him of Tripitaka.

"That's the trouble mixing up wishful thinking with magic" [Monkey]

Monkey is enchanted with her. She wakes up and sees him. As she is talking to him, he is attacked by more vampires. She tells him she used to have a pet monkey whom she named "great sage equal of heaven" and was a coward. Monkey is determined to rid the village of vampires so he can be with her.

Pigsy has told Tripitaka and Sandy that the King of Day and Queen of Night have divorced. Tripitaka wants to help the people suffering in the king's land but Sandy objects. Monkey is to stay and help the people in the queen's land.

As a vulture, the king sees them enter his land. While the king is making his slaves work hard, one of them tries to run away. He is caught and beaten. He asks the king if he can go and see his fiance in the land of night. The king refuses because marriage is outlawed. Tripitaka interferes and offers to help the king get back together with his wife. The king rejects Tripitaka's offer and puts him and Sandy to work.

Pigsy is having a good time in the land of night - eating, drinking, singing, and dancing. He wants to stay with the queen, little realizing she is just using him. The king pays a visit to the queen. Pigsy is less than eager to face him. The soldiers of the king and queen are fighting when she appears with Pigsy and tells the king she is with him now. The king becomes jealous and attacks Pigsy. The queen orders Pigsy to kill him. Eventually, some of the vampire bats fly up and cover the moon, and drive of the King and his men.

The girl tells the villagers that Monkey is going to help them. Monkey says he can create an army with the hairs on his body, but when he tries, all he produces is pictures of the girl. The villagers laugh at him. His magic is gone because he can't concentrate. He is in love with the girl. She still wants his help.

Tripitaka is still trying to help the king. He meets the slave who tried to escape before. Tripitaka tells him about the hole in the wall, then gives him the horse so he can get away. He tells a reluctant Sandy that he must go with the man. The guards chase Tripitaka as Sandy and the man escape.

The queen is upset because she and her followers are starving. She convinces Pigsy to fight Monkey. Pigsy is scared of him, but eventually agrees.

TomTom (the slave) is finally reunited with MinMin. Meanwhile, Monkey is still trying to conjure an army, but only produces more drawings. Sandy tells him the pictures are of MinMin, and that she has a boyfriend. Monkey can't believe it until he sees them together. Sandy realises that Monkey is in love with MinMin, and Monkey confesses that he has lost his powers. Sandy tells Monkey the facts of life in an effort to convince Monkey that he can't love a mortal girl.

Sandy : Let's assume a lady bee meets a nice gentleman bird. Now what does he do?
Monkey: He eats it

The queen, accompanied by Pigsy, lead the vampire army into the village and the battle begins. When Monkey appears, the vampires are scared off. Pigsy is told to fight him. Sandy warns hims to go easy on Monkey because he has no power. Pigsy ignores him and beats Monkey. The queen notices TomTom and takes him with her to see the king.

Tripitaka is still trying to help the king. The queen arrives and complains that there was to be no contact between day and night, but it seemed that love had found a way. She wishes more men (ie the king) would be like that. He orders TomTom be put to death.

MinMin arrives. She admits she risks death to see her lover. The king wishes more women (ie the queen) would be like that. She orders MinMin be put to death.

Another fight breaks out. Monkey meets up with Tripitaka and tells him he loves MinMin. Tripitaka suggests Monkey goes and rescue her. Monkey reveals that he has lost his magic because he loves a mortal girl. With some encouragement from Tripitaka, Monkey tries again.

The lovers are about to be killed when Monkey interferes. Both sides attack him. As if this isn't enough, Tripitaka chants the headache sutra to force Monkey to try and use his magic. This time it works. Monkey is about to kill the queen when the king covers her and says he would die to protect her.

"You two die for each other? Buggered if I would" [Monkey]

MinMin and TomTom are together, and so are the king and queen. The curtain is lifted. Back in the village, TomTom and MinMin thank Tripitaka. Monkey is still sad about MinMin, but he realises it would never have worked.

"As there are questions which have no answers, so there are answers to questions which were never asked."

The pilgrims continue their journey.


* There is a beautiful song playing as Monkey tries to create an army, just before TomTom is reunited with MinMin. Does anyone know what it means?

* Just how much of Monkey's skill is tied up in his magic? He couldn't even through a proper punch when he was fighting Pigsy.

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