"Pigsy's in the Well" (Season 1, Episode 10)

[Contributed by Chris Hadgis (chrish@mincom.com)]


The pilgrims come to a busy town where they find a room for the night. A girl shows interest in Pigsy, but only because she wants to meet Tripitaka. They sneak over to his room. Pigsy hears Tripitaka talking to a woman! The next morning, Pigsy tells Monkey and Sandy what happened the previous night. Tripitaka sees them gossiping, and they confront him about it. He says it was a dream.

A spirit appears to Tripitaka. It is of a king who ruled CockCrow until he was drowned three years ago. The land had been in the grip of a three year drought until a taoist arrived and brought rain. The king befriended the magician who started to lust after the queen. The magician killed the king, threw his body into a well, and assumed his form. The spirit wants Tripitaka to help remove the magician from his kingdom.

Tripitaka finds the jade seal the spirit left behind, proving his dream was real. Monkey wants to know if the king asked for him by name to rescue his kingdom. The pilgrims decide to go to CockCrow.

They find a man who had been placed in a yoke because he couldn't pay taxes. He says if they set him free, he and the pilgrims will be executed. They free him anyway. He tells the pilgrims while he doesn't know the king, he knows the prince, who is hunting in the area. The prince hasn't seen his father for three years.

The pilgrims meet the prince. He doesn't believe the pilgrims are who they say they are. One of the soldiers wants to arrest them. Monkey insults the prince until he orders them arrested. Monkey wants to fight, but Tripitaka tells them to submit.

Pigsy : Say something really insulting
Monkey: Okay... Pig!

Tripitaka tries to tell the prince that the king is really the magician. The prince doesn't believe them and threatens to kill them. Monkey calls the prince "a charmer" and tells Tripitaka to show him the seal.

"You can't convince a deaf man by talking" [Monkey]

The prince then believes that Tripitaka is the magician and that he has stolen the seal!

"Please excuse me when I say that you really are extraordinarily dim!" [Monkey]

Eventually, the prince decides Tripitaka might be telling the truth. Sandy convinces the prince to let Monkey help him get into the palace to speak with the queen.

Sandy: You can always chop us up into pieces later
Pigsy: Much later

Monkey and the prince get into the castle. The prince meets his mother, and tries to convince her that the king is really the magician. Eventually she believes him. However, a spy has overheard everything. He shoots the prince in the arm before running away. The prince promises to return before he and Monkey leave.

Monkey tells Tripitaka what has happened and they conclude that the king really is the magician. Monkey and Pigsy want to fight him, but Sandy realises they don't have any evidence.

"You've got a really nasty pimple on your shoulders, eh Pigsy?" [Monkey]

Monkey decides they should retrieve the body. He tricks Pigsy into going down the well by telling him their are beautiful women down there. Pigsy believes him. He finds the body and is set upon by Death Maidens. Monkey extends the staff into the well and lifts Pigsy and the king's body out of it. Monkey tricks Pigsy into carrying the king's body, which smells pretty bad, back to Tripitaka by telling him he will get all the glory. Once again, Pigsy believes him.

Meanwhile, the magician catches the queen getting ointment for her son. He says he has no son, and she realises the prince was telling the truth. The magician hypnotizes her.

The prince mourns for his father. Monkey tells Pigsy he should do a dance to cheer him up a bit. Pigsy is uncertain, so Monkey tells him he will ask Tripitaka if it is okay for Pigsy to dance. What he really says to Tripitaka is that Pigsy has a pill that can bring the dead back to life and is unsure whether he should use it or not. Tripitaka turns to Pigsy and says "what are you waiting for". Of course, Pigsy takes this as a sign that he should do his dance, so he starts singing and prancing around. The rest of them stare at him while a livid Tripitaka berates him for inappropriate behaviour. Sandy figures out that Monkey has tricked Pigsy, and mentions that the philosopher Lao Tzu has an elixir of life. Tripitaka orders Monkey to fetch it.

Lao Tzu is playing Mah Jong when Monkey arrives at his house. He asks for the elixir, but Lao Tzu gives him a poison pill instead, saying he won't give up the elixir. He puts the jar with the pill next to the board and invites Monkey to play a game with him.

During the game, Monkey tries to get the jar, but Lao Tzu touches the lid. Monkey succeeds in grabbing it the second time, takes the lid off the jar, and puts the lid on his foot. Lao Tzu touches the lid again, unaware that Monkey has pocketed the pill. Monkey picks his nose and makes a fake pill which he puts back in the jar. He replaces the jar on the table, and once again Lao Tzu touches the lid. In the meantime, Monkey has won the game! Monkey leaves the philosopher. Lao Tzu takes the fake pill out of the jar and puts in his mouth before spitting it out in disgust.

Monkey returns with the pill. Tripitaka puts in the dead king's mouth, says a prayer, and the king comes back to life. He recognises his son and greets Tripitaka. The kings vows revenge against the magician.

The pilgrims, with the king and the prince disguised as disciples, ask for an audience with the king/magician to get his seal on their papers. The king/magician reads the papers and notices that there are only supposed to be three disciples, but Tripitaka has five. The king and the prince show themselves and denounce the magician.

The magician takes the bewitched queen and makes a run for it. Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy chase him but lose him when he jumps. Tripitaka cries out to them, and when they get back, they see two Tripitakas - one of them obviously the magician in disguise. Sandy realises that only one of them knows the headache sutra. Both of them start praying. The real Tripitaka stops, as does Monkey's pain, but the magician keeps going for a while. The magician takes the queen, who declares her love for him, and runs away.

The others soon catch them up. The prince fights the magician, and with some help from Monkey, knocks him down. As he goes to deliver the final blow, the queen throws herself over the magician, saving his life at the expense of hers. The king and prince tend to the queen as Monkey fights the magician. Just as she is about to die, the spell is broken long enough for her to say goodbye to her husband and son. Monkey beats the magician, and watches as the magician transforms into a large lizard, something like a Kimodo dragon.

The king and son farewell the pilgrims as they continue their journey.

"The winner, the Buddha says, sows hatred because the loser must suffer. Give up winning and losing, then find joy" [narrator]


* Why did Pigsy think Tripitaka was talking to a girl when he was talking to a king with a deep voice? Pigsy seemed certain the other voice was that of a woman.

* Monkey says "you can try, sunshine" to the soldier who wants to arrest them. 'sunshine' doesn't sound like a typical Japanese thing to call someone.

* Sandy is shown to be quite intelligent - Pigsy is not.

* Monkey is in fine form this episode - he insults a prince, tricks Pigsy three times, outwits a philosopher, and fights a magician.

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