Monkey Screensavers

You can download great Monkey screensavers from the links below. If you've created a Monkey screensaver, let me know about it using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll include a link to it here, so lots of Monkey fans can download it.

Official Monkey screensaver (1.54MB) - Features the opening titles from the show, along with the "Monkey Magic" music. You'll love it!!!

Monkey Fan-Art Screensaver for Windows (1.53MB zipped) - Great Monkey fan-art, accompanied by music from the series. This superb screensaver is very addictive - turn your speakers up full blast, sit back and enjoy! See Steven McCombe's Monkey Gallery for lots of fan art by Monkey fan Steven McCombe. (1.59MB) - Monkey Screensaver for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, contributed by Steve Allen (
NOTE: This screensaver does not work on Windows NT.

The two other screensavers which were present here (by Leon, and by Aron Toman) are not currently available. If they become available again, I will add the new links here.

Monkey Downloads