• Monkey (Fuji TV, Japan, 2006)
    On 9th Jan 2006, a new Saiyuuki/Monkey TV series aired on Fuji TV on Monday evenings. Each episode lasted 1 hour (except the first, which was a bit longer).

     [new] Video clip of Masaaki Sakai's appearance in Fuji TV's new Monkey TV show!  [new]

    The main character is Shingo Katori, who plays Monkey (he is very famous as a member of SMAP)
    Others are:
    Eri Fukatsu - Tripitaka
    Atsushi Ito - Pigsy
    Teruyoshi Uchimura - Sandy

    It follows the Masaaki Sakai series in many ways; the male priest is played by an actress again, and his/her costume is almost identical. Special effects are noticeable by their absence. Monkey's cloud has turned into a skate board. Web site for the series:
    A general Japanese TV drama site containing lots of information and comments in English:
    Fuji TV (main site):

    The BBC News article: BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Monkey magic casts spell in Asia says that an undisclosed British TV company has secured the rights to this remake and it will be shown in the UK later in 2006! More news when I get it.
    The Times newspaper in UK contained this article back in February 2006: Broadcasters in a spin as Monkey swings back to TV - TV and Radio - Times Online
    The Guardian newspaper published this article: Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Confessions of a Monkey lover

    Just before the final episode of this Monkey remake series screened on Monday 20 March 2006, it was announced that Masaaki Sakai would co-star in the final episode of the new Monkey remake series, alongside Shingo Katori.

    Here's the Japanese news story about Masaaki Sakai's appearance:

    Here's some stills from his appearance:
    Check out his stick-fighting - not bad for someone who's almost 60 ;)

    The viewing figures for this series so far indicate that it's the most popular Monkey remake series yet!

    Here is a video that may be of some interest. Its the actor who plays Goku being interveiwed and doing magic tricks. There is a small clip of the TV show in there as well:

    There have been AT LEAST 4 remakes of the Monkey TV series:

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