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[Contributed by James Fielding (]

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Monkey press pack photo 1 - Masaaki Sakai, Masako Natsume Monkey press pack photo 2 - Masaaki Sakai, Masako Natsume, Jun Nekami Monkey press pack photo 3 - Shiro Kishibe Monkey press pack photo 4 - Masaaki Sakai, Mieko Takamine Monkey press pack photo 5 - Masaaki Sakai Monkey press pack photo 6 - Masaaki Sakai Monkey press pack photo 7 - ? Monkey press pack photo 8 - Masaaki Sakai, Masako Natsume, Tonpei Hidari, Shiro Kishibe, Shunji Fujimara Back of Monkey press pack photo 2 Monkey press pack envelope

These photos were contributed by a guy whose friend bought an official NTV 'Monkey' press pack from a film fair a few years back. It comes in an NTV presentation envelope, and contains 8 B/W photos. There's supposed to be colour ones in there too, but they are missing.

These are the best quality pictures from Monkey I've ever seen, since they're scanned directly from photographs as opposed to captures taken from video. Note that they're all quite large (total size = 1.68MB), but I've kept them at this resolution to keep the maximum quality.

Here's what James says about these photos:
"Well it doesn't look exactly like a press's more of a envelope sent out full of pic to publicise the series. Maybe the documentation went missing along with the colour photos....they would have been really nice to see.

Inside you'll see some pics that aren't on the web - which makes it a real bonus!. There's one pic that intrigues's the one with different actors dressed as the main cast...which episode does that come from?

They might come from one of the missing episodes...maybe they are bad guys or something. Glad you like the pics. I wish I could give you more info, but my friend tells me he just saw them at a film fair in London a few years ago. What you see is what was inside the pack."

Press pack photo 7 is the strange photo featuring other people wearing the pilgrims' outfits. I don't recall seeing this before - does anyone recognise this picture? If you do, let me know using the Monkey Feedback page.
This might come from the following undubbed Monkey episode (see the Monkey Undubbed Episodes page for more information about the undubbed Monkey episodes):

"Nise Saiyuki, kiki ippatsu (16 Mar. 1980)
[False "Journey to the West" ; a hair's breadth escape]
Continuing on their arduous journey, Tripitaka and his friends are attacked by a false Tripitaka and company. These were underlings of the spirit world who anted to increase their prestige by destroying the mighty Monkey. Dealt a severe blow by Monkey, they take their revenge by going about wrecking villages in Monkey & company's guise.

Here's an English translation of the Japanese that's written on the back of press photo 2:
"4 Nihon television Dec.19 54(Showa 54 Japanese own calendar system = 1979) 8:00 PM Saiyuki II (Monkey's original title) channel

Program Information No.12-16 occult, edifice bad spirits resides

They've been treated in the edifice. Goku (Masaaki Sakai) Sanzo (Masako Natsume) Master Jin (Jun Nekami)"

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