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Godiego released an LP in the UK in the early 80s called "Monkey", which featured lots of music from the series. It featured the same tracks that were on their Japanese "Magic Monkey" CD, in a different order.

I managed to find a copy of this LP recently, so here's some new scans of the front and back of it.

Click on one of the pictures below to see a larger version of it.

Monkey album (front of sleeve) Monkey album (back of sleeve)

Track listing

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Side A
1. The Birth of the Odyssey / Monkey Magic
2. A Fool!
3. Asiatic Fever
4. Dragons and Demons
5. Celebration

Side B
1. Gandhara
2. Steppin' Into Your World
3. Flying
4. Havoc In Heaven
5. We're Heading Out West to India
6. Thank You, Baby

[Download MIDI files of "Monkey Magic", "Gandhara", "A Fool!" and a Real Audio file of "Thank You, Baby" from the Monkey Sounds page!]

Where to buy it

A good place to find this LP in the UK is the rare record shop Backtrack which gets it in occasionally:

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