Direct From Japan

This page gives details of where you can buy Japanese CDs directly from Japan.


You can order Japanese CDs from the online CD store CDJapan, which is based in Japan.

This store lets you pay for CDs securely online using a credit card, and they'll ship them to you immediately.

Please note

1. When ordering from CDJapan, for the lowest possible shipping cost, please ensure that on the order form, you change the Delivery Method to By Air Mail. If you do not change this, by default, items will be shipped to you using the more expensive By Express Mail delivery method, which to some places (including the UK) is double the cost of airmail shipping.

2. To order the Monkey soundtrack CD, just do a search for Artist = Godiego, and buy the CD they call 'Saiyuki' (this is the Japanese name for the 'Monkey' TV show, and this is an alternative name for Godiego's 'Magic Monkey' CD) by clicking on the picture of a shopping trolley next to the title.


You can order Japanese CDs from the online CD store Comfort, which is based in Japan.

You won't find any CDs listed on their web site. Follow the instructions given for "Placing an Order", letting them know which country you're in and the CD details, and they'll get back to you with the total cost and payment instructions.
NOTE: To order CDs from Comfort, you will need to send either cash or a money order to them by post.

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