Monkey - The PC Computer Game

[Contributed by John O'Laughlin]

On Wednesday 19 April 2000, I received an email from Monkey fan John O'Laughlin telling me about a Monkey game he's created for the PC. Here's how he compares it the Commodore 64 and Commodore 16 "Monkey Magic" games:
"It's a bit newer than the other two old games you've got there as well (it's not exactly quake either, but if it was on a console it'd be on a sega genesis or super nintendo, rather than a commodore 64.)"

Here's some screenshots from the game - click on any of them to see a larger version of it:

Title screen from John O'Laughlin's Monkey PC game Screenshot from John O'Laughlin's Monkey PC game

Another screenshot from John O'Laughlin's Monkey PC game


First of all, you need to download the zip file containing the game, and unzip it using WinZip or another unzipping utility. (823K)

If you have problems downloading this zip file, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.

Here's John's instructions:
"Well, here's the game. it runs under Windows 98 and 95, and sometimes it works for Windows 3x. i haven't tested it for NT, MacOS, or any other systems.

To install it, open the archive, and in the newer versions of WinZip you'll be able to click on the install button. in other extracting programs and older versions of winzip, just unzip it then open setup.exe.

Instructions come with the game, and there's a readme file that explains the menu, but here's a copy of the instructions anyway:

(c) Copyright 2000 Tengoku Software

This game was based on the ancient Chinese myth Hsi Yu Chi. I made Monkey using the Games Factory, which makes it fairly easy to make games like this one.
You can get it from

Monkey's mission is to save his friend and disciple Sandy from a terrible Fire Demon named Ashura who lives in a volcano. To get to the volcano, Monkey is required to hike up and down mountains, fighting Ashura's minions.
In these levels, the left and right arrow keys control Monkey's movement, Ctrl makes him jump, and Shift makes him hurl the Saru-Ken projectile from his magic staff.

In level 2, Monkey must fly on his magic cloud towards the Volcano, encountering more of Ashura's minions who fly around on their own clouds.
Use the arrow keys to move Monkey up, down, left, and right, and press Shift to use the Saru-Ken.

In the final level, Monkey faces Ashura and attempts to save Sandy.
Will you have the primal reflexes it takes to defeat the Fire Demon???


When Monkey is ducking (press the down arrow) the fireballs thrown by the enemy can't usually hurt him. This doesn't work when he's on his cloud though.

When Monkey kills his enemies, bottles of green liquid fall from them. These bottles contain Life Elixir, and when Monkey picks them up his life is restored.

Each level after the first one has a password, so you can access it if you get killed. To type in the passwords, select Passwords in the file menu."

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