Monkey Magic - The C16 Computer Game

In 1985, Solar Software came up with a Commodore 16 / Plus4 version of their Monkey Magic game, previously for the Commodore 64.

Many thanks to Warren Pilkington (, for tracking down this game, finding a Commodore Plus 4 emulator, and coming up with cheats for the game.

Title Screen

Monkey Magic - Title screen screenshot

As the text appears on this screen ("My name is Monkey" etc.!), Monkey's mouth moves out of sync with the words (just like in the show!), and his eyes move around in a bizarre way. It's highly surreal!

The Game

Monkey Magic - Stage 1 screenshot Monkey Magic - Stage 2 screenshot

Monkey's on his cloud, chasing after some flying demons (there's 2 different types, shown above). Shoot them to earn points. Avoid colliding with them at all costs, or Monkey will evaporate, and a life will be lost.

Move round the screen using the normal directions. Pressing FIRE will fire a lightning bolt from Monkey's cloud.


  • First of all, you need to download a Commodore 16 or Commodore Plus 4 emulator. See the Related web sites section below, to find a suitable one for your system. If you have trouble finding one, post a message to one or both the USENET newsgroups comp.emulators.cbm and comp.sys.cbm, or contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.

  • Then you need to download the Monkey Magic game file monkyc16.prg. Because of limitations at Geocities as to what file types can be uploaded to my account, I could not upload it as monkyc16.prg (.prg files are not allowed). You have 2 options for downloading this file:

  • Make sure you have it saved on your hard disk as monkyc16.prg (and it isn't a text file - it doesn't have a .txt file extension).

  • Follow the instructions for your emulator in order to load and run the game

  • Enjoy!


    If you're finding Monkey Magic a bit tricky, and you'd like infinite lives and/or invincibility (nothing can harm you), try the following:

    1) Load the Monkey Magic game but DO NOT RUN IT!
    2) For infinite lives, type in: POKE 10656,173 and then press RETURN
    3) For invincibility, type in: POKE 7776,76: POKE 7777,34: POKE 7778,30 and then press RETURN
    5) Then type RUN and press RETURN.
    6) The game will now run with infinite lives and/or invincibility!

    [Many thanks to Warren Pilkington ( for providing me with the infinite lives POKEs.]


  • Warren's tested these cheats on the Minus4 emulator and they work fine. Hopefully they'll work on other emulators too, but it cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you have any problems or questions about using the above cheats, email Warren:

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