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  • Buddha challenges Monkey to fly to the end of the world. He comes to four poles, which he thinks are the "poles at the end of the universe". He urinates on them, and writes the words "the Great Sage, King Monkey, Equal of Heaven was here". They turn out to be Buddha's fingers - he'd not managed to fly out of Buddha's hand! Needless to say, Buddha is unimpressed, and puts him in a rock for 500 years, to learn patience.
    ["Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven" (Season 1, Episode 1)]

  • Monkey refers to a demon as a "poofter".
    ["Monkey Turns Nursemaid" (Season 1, Episode 2)]

  • They are all stuck in the Himalayas. There is a blizzard outside. They are starving and freezing. They draw lots to see who should go out and freeze to death in the snow to provide a meal for the others. Monkey tricks Pigsy into taking the first hair (they are actually all the same) and Pigsy goes out into the snow at the end of a rope pretending that he is going to sacrifice himself but runs away. Meanwhile, Monkey changes his mind about Pigsy sacrificing himself and hauls the rope back in but finds no Pigsy at the end of it. He goes out looking for Pigsy and stumbles across a dead frozen pig in the snow. He brings it back where it is cooked and eaten. All three of them think it is Pigsy, in animal form. Tripitaka goes mad from days of cold and hunger and guilt at thinking he's eaten Pigsy. He thinks he is possessed by the spirit of pigsy and starts acting like Pigsy - he gets drunk (you see him scoffing the stuff down in the inn while the others are sleeping). He goes to a disco and dances to the "Monkey Magic" theme tune, in the strobe lights (obviously those invented centuries ago). The next day he wakes up with a huge hangover and throws up! Monkey and Sandy develop a theory that half of Pigsy's spirit has gone to heaven and the other half is in Tripitaka. But Pigsy is still alive. The voiceover says something along the lines 'Far from being a schizophrenic ghost, Pigsy is very much alive'. Later on, Pigsy returns and they all think that he is a ghost.
    ["Outrageous Coincidences" (Season 1, Episode 20)]

  • Monkey tries to kill himself. Monkey needs to feed his brains to Tripitaka to save him from a life-threatening disease, so he tries to split his head open. Of course he fails because his head is harder than diamond.
    ["The Dogs of Death" (Season 2, Episode 2)]

  • Sandy's father sings him a song that his mother used to sing to him when he was a baby. He does this to prove that he is Sandy's father. I think Sandy also joins in for a verse (in his original Japanese voice).
    ["The Beginning of Wisdom" (Season 1, Episode 7)]

  • They're at a party inside the stomach of a carp.
    ["Catfish, Saint, and the Shape Changer" (Season 1, Episode 14)]

  • Monkey eats all the peaches in the Emperor of Heaven's peach garden, which give him eternal life. Monkey eats each peach by taking a single bite from it and then throwing it over his shoulder.
    ["Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven" (Season 1, Episode 1)]

  • Some monsters present the scriptures to Tripitaka and then tell them they can fly home. The scriptures are lifted from the box and are discovered to be fake. The mirage of Buddha in heaven disappears to reveal the demons that were behind the whole thing. Buddha gives Monkey a ride on his hand and shows him how far they really are from reaching the end of their pilgrimage - if I remember correctly, they weren't even halfway!
    ["The End of the Way" (Season 1, Episode 26)]

  • They arrive at a unicorn's hut. The disguised unicorn invites them in saying 'sorry it's a bit of a pigsty' and Pigsy replies 'In that case I'll feel right at home!'
    ["The Most Monstrous Monster" (Season 1, Episode 16)]

  • Buddha appears in female form, and Monkey describes her as "kinky".
    ["Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven" (Season 1, Episode 1), although his exact quote is "I always thought you were a fella".]

  • Monkey arrives at a cave; it's the same cave that has been used in previous episodes. Monkey looks around and says something like "I'm sure I've been here before...hmmm!"
    ["The Most Monstrous Monster" (Season 1, Episode 16), although his exact quote is "Why do they always live in caves?"]

  • Tripitaka and everyone get captured and are going to be put to death. He releases Monkey from his headband so that Monkey can escape. He eventually gets the band back because Tripitaka is captured and has a necklace-type thing attached that gradually gets smaller. To free Tripitaka, Monkey transfers himself into Tripitaka's body, and then switches places with the priest. Tripitaka is freed and Monkey dies. To bring Monkey back to life, Tripitaka returns the band and then uses the Headache Sutra!
    ["The End of the Way" (Season 1, Episode 26)]

  • Monkey's lovely pink cloud shrinks and in the background of one scene Monkey is trying to nurse it back to health (stroking it) in his jacket. A bit comes off the cloud and he looks horrified.
    ["The Beginning of Wisdom" (Season 1, Episode 7)]

  • There is a cloud dogfight; Monkey whistles up his cloud in order to defeat some villain. The villain then copies Monkey's actions and up pops his own black cloud. He leaps aboard and the pair start a dogfight, complete with cloud-mounted machine guns!
    ["What Is Wisdom?" (Season 2, Episode 5)]

  • Monkey gropes a princess's breasts in the background. She kind of shrieks out and he turns round and goes "Oh, sorry!".
    ["Pigsy, King and God" (Season 1, Episode 21)]

  • Monkey has a cloud fight with Pigsy; Pigsy's cloud is a white "motorbike affair" cloud with handlebars! It doesn't fly very smoothly, and makes lots of spluttering noises. Apparently, it is a "borrowed" cloud and to summon it he has to shout (as opposed to Monkey's whistle). Monkey chases Pigsy in a "cloud battle" and at one point, their clouds even fly upwards at a 90 degree angle!
    ["Outrageous Coincidences" (Season 1, Episode 20)]

  • Monkey loses his memory and his magic powers by eating strange mushrooms. When he whistles for his cloud, a giant green mushroom appears and falls from the sky, hitting Monkey on the head and restoring his memory! At one stage, he takes the mushroom in tow behind his own cloud, ties a couple of demons to it and then proceeds to fly over the landscape and volcanoes to teach these demons a lesson!
    ["Who Am I?" (Season 2, Episode 4)]

  • Monkey fights against a dinky car cloud (referred to as "Cloud Kiddy Car") with sparkly paddles on the side operated by a young goblin. The goblin has to pedal really hard to go at a slow pace! Later on, Monkey tries to hit the goblin with his staff whilst pursuing him in a cloud chase. Monkey makes his staff grow to ridiculously giant proportions, so much so, that the staff is seen poking up through the clouds and off the face of the Earth!
    ["Keep On Dancing" (Season 2, Episode 8)]

  • A frog demon flies off on his own personal frog cloud and then Monkey and the frog have an absolutely hilarious fight in the clouds. The frog demon turns into a giant frog and Monkey turns into a giant slug. The frog addresses him as 'slimy simian' at this point!
    ["Give and Take" (Season 2, Episode 9)]

  • They lose a fight, and Sandy throws down his weapon and says "shit!".
    ["Monkey Swallows the Universe" (Season 1, Episode 4)]

  • Pigsy and Sandy are reminiscing about their mothers. Pigsy sees a group of pigs parading down the street and he feels that one of them could be his mum:
    Pigsy: Ah yes, fishface! Hey, you don't think that could be mother do you!?
    Sandy: Of course not, she's too pretty.
    Pigsy: Oh yes, that's a relief!
    ["Mothers" (Season 2, Episode 12)]

  • Tripitaka becomes a vampire and starts lusting after young girls in the dead of night to suck their blood (and he has fangs! - his freaky fanged grin is very spooky - kinda like the Cat from "Red Dwarf"!). A fanged Tripitaka goes out and attacks young girls at night and suspicion eventually falls on the priest when blood is discovered on the front of "his" robes the next day. Tripitaka denies any wrongdoing and it is eventually revealed that a demon in disguise was trying to frame the priest. Tripitaka is thrown in jail for it and Monkey pretends to have left the team and even gets Pigsy and Sandy thrown in jail! Anyway.. Monkey asks to be executioner and he reveals his plan just before he has to cut off Tripitaka's head!
    ["Vampire Master" (Season 1, Episode 19)]

  • Pigsy is washing his 'girlfriend's' dress; he tears it on a rock and exclaims: "That's torn it!"
    ["The Minx and the Slug" (Season 1, Episode 13)]

  • Monkey disguises himself as a girl - it's about the closest we ever get to seeing what Monkey looks like without makeup!
    ["Such a Nice Monster" (Season 2, Episode 10)]

  • Monkey pulls out a hair from his chest, and produces a file when they are all tied up and hanging in a cave. He was trying for a knife but being tied up could only manage the file! He had to sneeze off a clump of fur, at which Pigsy laughed and said he'd sneezed off a bit of his tail - not that we've really seen that part of his anatomy . . .
    ["Monkey Swallows the Universe" (Season 1, Episode 4)]

  • In another episode he (again by accident) produces a whole lot of portraits of a girl he has fallen in love with.
    ["The Difference Between Night and Day" (Season 1, Episode 11)]

  • He also produces doubles of various people including a really idiotic double of himself. He mainly seems to produce armies to help him fight off demons.
    ["At the Top of the Mountain" (Season 2, Episode 13)]

  • The pilgrims are doing their usual thing of walking away with Monkey leading the horse, and Monkey kisses the horse!
    ["At the Top of the Mountain" (Season 2, Episode 13)]

  • Monkey needs to get an immortality tablet and to make it seem that the tablet is not missing he picks his nose and replaces the tablet with what he pulls out. The man (the philosopher Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism) he stole the tablet from then eats it.
    ["Pigsy's in the Well" (Season 1, Episode 10)]

  • The disciples come up against a Face-Monster, a demon with the power to assume other people's forms. It manages to split up the disciples and get Tripitaka into its possession. When Sandy and Pigsy part, Sandy is ever so sad that he cannot stay with Pigsy any longer, as he cannot trust him, for fear he is the Face-Monster. This is a typical example of the quiet sadness of Sandy.
    ["Catfish, Saint, and the Shape Changer" (Season 1, Episode 14)]

  • Monkey changes himself into a white mouse and Tripitaka says in a rare attempt at a joke 'You know, it's an improvement'. Monkey replies in a tinny mouse voice 'Very funny! hah, hah, hah'.
    ["Monkey Turns Nursemaid" (Season 1, Episode 2)]

  • The dragon first changes into a horse. Monkey, true to his usual insulting form, calls him a 'haybag'.
    ["Monkey Turns Nursemaid" (Season 1, Episode 2)]

  • As they were passing through a strange land void of males (they didn't know it at the time), Pigsy and Sandy drink from a spring. However, the water is only meant for the occupants of this land for the purpose of procreation. As a result, Pigsy and Sandy get pregnant! We even see Pigsy's baby, and he calls him "Daddy!"
    ["Two Little Blessings" (Season 1, Episode 23)]

  • In a ghostly village, they meet some ghosts who are trying to kill the pilgrims to make themselves real. At one point in this episode, Monkey is slowly being killed in a vat of acid. Not too much lightness in this one at all!
    ["Village of the Undead" (Season 1, Episode 22)]

  • An evil wasp witch demon with a magic whip patrols a village and steals children from it, and has been doing so for generations. She has 100 children herself and is using the human children to lay grubs in (YUK!). There's a scene where a mother is covering the mouth of her child (so she won't make any noise) in a crowded hut, hiding with many other mothers and children so the witch won't find the children and steal them. When the witch eventually leaves, after a tense moment, the mother removes her hand, she finds that she has suffocated her own child. This is one of the saddest scenes ever in Monkey. When Monkey and the gang arrive at this village, they encounter this woman trying to commit suicide by hanging herself (Monkey stops the woman by punching her in the face!). She reveals that she is suicidal because she accidentally killed her own child. Speaking of sad scenes, there is another awful one in this episode with a well that has been dry for years which becomes full of salt water after one of the bereaved mothers throws herself down it in a fit of despair (the salt water is from her tears). Buddha has to intervene to save the day and actually orders Monkey to kill one of the wasp witch's children with a knife - it was a pretty dramatic episode! After he does this, the witch becomes good.
    ["Mothers" (Season 2, Episode 12)]

  • Sandy gets his "trout features".
    ["Village of the Undead" (Season 1, Episode 22)]

  • Tripitaka kisses Monkey's eyes when he goes blind.
    ["The Great Journey Begins" (Season 1, Episode 3)]

  • Monkey insults a prince, tricks Pigsy three times, outwits a philosopher, and fights a magician. He is in fine form in this episode!
    ["Pigsy's in the Well" (Season 1, Episode 10)]

  • Tripitaka's own mother dies. Tripitaka dreams that his mother is ill and Monkey flies back to the capital of China where he sees Tripitaka's mother die. Monkey returns and impersonates Tripitaka's mother to try and prevent Tripitaka from knowing that his mother has died. He creates a really dumb double of himself complete with idiotic smile so that he can impersonate the other. (Sandy: 'Let's go the inn'. Monkey's double: 'I'm already in. Let's go out') After Monkey's deception is discovered Tripitaka wants to return to China and starts drinking to drown his sorrows but fortunately his mother's ghost turns up and persuades him to continue on with his journey.The way the episode is set up it is clearly intended to be a last episode. Buddha appears and says a few things at the end.
    ["At the Top of the Mountain" (Season 2, Episode 13)]

  • Monkey gives up his own immortality to save Tripitaka. He says that when he is reincarnated as a human he will go into theatre and play... Monkey!
    ["The End of the Way" (Season 1, Episode 26)]

  • They are offered some food from a demon in disguise. Monkey suddenly recognises him and, suspecting that the food is poisoned, he knocks the table (with food) over and says "Do you really except us to eat this crap?"

  • The pilgrims drink from a lake or something...and then they all turn into children. Then somehow, Sandy ends up in a freak show.
    ["The Fountain of Youth " (Season 2, Episode 6)]

  • There's a really ugly 'white puppy' demon who blows people. And Monkey, Sandy, Pigsy and Yu Ling disguise themselves as women and enter the demon's restaurant.
    ["Such a Nice Monster" (Season 2, Episode 10)]

  • Tripitaka has to compete against a Taoist priest or something to see which religion will"win" (ie the kingdom in which the contest was being held would then be converted to that religion). Monkey helps Tripitaka by being invisible, except for his headband (not sure how he went invisible in the first place though). It might have been the Taoist priest himself who "cursed" Monkey by making him invisible. At a crucial point, Monkey is behaving as if he is invisible, but they can all see him!
    ["What is Wisdom?" (Season 2, Episode 5)]

  • Pigsy gets tempted away by a female Spider Demon (or something) who comes onto him, then deceives him and tries to kill him. Pigsy vows to give up lustful and greedy thoughts, and it is a condition of him being allowed to become human at the end of their journey.
    ["Pigsy Woos a Widow" (Season 1, Episode 8)]

  • Pigsy somehow summons a magical wind to blow up lots of women's dresses.
    ["The Country of Nightmares" (Season 1, Episode 25)]

  • Monkey visits a land that is made extremly hot by a volcano demon. Some birds die in mid-air and Monkey catches them on a skewer and turns them into a shishkebab.
    ["The Fires of Jealousy" (Season 1, Episode 24)]

  • Monkey's bow staff acquires a radar dish......ancient technology!
    ["Pigsy's Ten Thousand Ladies" (Season 2, Episode 1)]

  • Monkey comes to a mountain that he has to get past. For some reason he can only go THROUGH the mountain by digging through it. There is an old man there who has been inexplicably digging through it for most of his life, but Monkey digs through it in two seconds with his staff. The old man isn't pleased!
    ["Monkey Meets the Demon Digger" (Season 1, Episode 15)]

  • There is a painting of seven gods of gambling (actually, one of them is a goddess). Somehow or other, she escapes from the painting and traps Tripitaka in it. At one stage, even Monkey is trapped in the painting. Eventually all the gods get out, and it is up to the pilgrims to return them all to the painting. At one point, Monkey and the others get burnt when the paintings are set alight!
    ["Pretty As a Picture" (Season 2, Episode 11)]

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