Meeting Pigsy in Tokyo!

In 1998, an American fan of Toshiyuki Nishida (she knows him as Hamachan in the Japanese series of movies "Tsuribaka Nisshi (Diary of Crazy Fishing)") met him while he was filming in Tokyo's Ginza district. He happily gave her his autograph, and drew a caricature of himself! I don't know if he speaks English, but since this American fan speaks Japanese, it's likely that they spoke (briefly) in Japanese.

For the full story of their meeting, plus a picture of Toshiyuki Nishida's autograph and caricature, check out this page:
[Note also that this page shows 2 photos of Toshiyuki Nishida from his "Diary of Crazy Fishing" (Tsuribaka Nisshi) movies]

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