Loaded Magazine

[Thanks to Jamie Logun for this information]

The January 2000 issue of Loaded magazine (out now in the UK) has 100 different front covers (special promotion for the Millennium), one of which features Monkey as the cover star! (Loaded ran a one page article on Monkey around the time it was aired on Bravo satellite TV channel in the UK).

Monkey is on cover number 83 - a quick glance down the sides of the magazines should help with the search. In each magazine, there's a fold-out poster featuring all the covers, plus an article listing the covers and brief information about each. Other covers available include Rod Hull and Emu, Peter Sellers, Begbie from Trainspotting, Basil Brush, Trigger from Only Fools and Horses.

Monkey fan Nikki Brown rang Loaded magazine to see if it's possible to get this Monkey cover from them by mail order. Unfortunately, it's not - they can't sell you a specific cover. Nikki also found out the following information from them:

  • She asked why Monkey was picked to go on a cover... they chose *icons* from the last 30 years and the guy told her he thought Monkey was totally cool and that everyone loves it!
  • Apparently, Loaded have printed something like 40,000 issues of each 'girlie' cover (which is why you'll see much more of them than any others) and only 1,500 issues with a Monkey cover. So the Monkey cover is quite rare, but if you hunt around enough, you should be able to find one somewhere. It'll be a real collector's item.
  • In the edition after next, there will be an opportunity to buy a boxed set of all the covers from the 100 cover edition....it will cost approx 20....a copy of every single cover will be in it, including of course the one with Monkey on....he says get your orders in early when the mag comes out (looks like first Friday in January) because there will be only approx 200-300 sets available. The covers are not available individually, so you'll have to buy the whole lot. I guess it depends on how much people want one!

    Warren Pilkington's managed to get a copy of Loaded with the Monkey cover, and you can see it in all its glory here - click on the picture below to see a larger version of it.

    Loaded magazine cover

    1) The caption in the top left of the magazine: "For immortals who should know tripitaka" (each cover has its own saying in the top left relating to the cover image - e.g. "for men who should know better")
    2) Monkey's holding the 'O' from Monkey in his left hand :)

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