I Love Kung Fu

Back in September 2000, in the UK, a television interview with Masaaki Sakai was screened as part of the "I Love The Seventies: 1979" show on BBC2. More clips from this interview were shown in the new "I Love Kung Fu" show....

On Sunday 2 September 2001, at 8pm on BBC2, a TV show called "I Love Kung Fu" was shown. This was a documentary about martial arts and popular culture.

[Visit the BBC Online - Cult - I Love Kung Fu web site (including their page dedicated to Monkey).]

This show featured all manner of things related to kung fu / martial arts.

The Monkey content consisted of:
1) Different clips of the Masaaki Sakai interview that was done for "I Love 1979" last year (dubbed into English, not subtitled)
2) Various clips from Monkey (a similar amount of clips that were shown on "I Love 1979" last year)
3) Still photographs of the characters
4) Celebrity comment
5) Monkey fans dressed as Monkey and Tripitaka talking about the show

They hoped to track down 3 other people for this show:
1) David Weir - who wrote the English adaptation of Monkey. I heard that he was very ill last year, so they didn't attempt to track him down.
2) Michael Bakewell - who directed the English adaptation of Monkey for World Wide Sound, London. They tracked him down but unfortunately he was unavailable for interview (he wanted to do it but was genuinely busy).
3) David Collings - who did the English dubbed voice of Monkey. They tracked him down David Collings but he was also busy at the theatre in Stratford and could not get down to London.

This show featured lots of other martial arts related topics, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, the "Kung Fu" TV show, and Ray Park (Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I).

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