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Masaaki Sakai interview on page 139 of the September 2000 issue (issue 23) of Front magazine

The September 2000 issue of Front magazine featuring the Masaaki Sakai interview came out in the UK on Thursday 10 August 2000!

In Tokyo, on Friday 16 June 2000, Masaaki Sakai, the actor who played Monkey, took part in an interview for Front magazine (UK-based "men's interests" / "lad culture" magazine, a bit like Loaded, FHM, Maxim etc.). As far as I'm aware, this is the first interview he has ever done for a UK magazine.

The September 2000 issue (issue 23) of Front magazine contains this interview on page 139. This issue came out in the UK on Thursday 10 August 2000 - don't forget to buy your copy!

By the way, in the interview, when Masaaki Sakai mentions that fans from England showed up at his concerts in Japan, he's talking about MY FRIEND NIKKI AND ME!!!.
For the full story of our trip to Japan in November 1998 to meet Masaaki Sakai, see the The Day I Met Monkey! page.

I helped put the Front magazine journalist in touch with Masaaki Sakai, and he told me he'd ask him some of the questions from my Monkey Interviews - Masaaki Sakai - Questions page.

Buying Front magazine from overseas
I imagine Monkey fans outside the UK may want to buy this magazine - it's a real Monkey collectible.

If you know a web site which lets you buy back issues of Front magazine, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page.

[To identify the September 2000 issue of Front - basically, it has "Jordan & Jo. Come And Join Us, Big Boy!"" on the front cover (with a photo of 2 women in bed, a dark-haired one on the left, a blonde-haired one on the right). If it's this cover, then it's the one you should buy.]

Interview information from my Japanese friend
Here's some details from a friend of mine who attended the interview:
"Last night I went to Mr.Sakai's house. It was fab interview.

When Mr.Sakai and his management hard the offer of the interview all of them uncertain about it. because in Japan the fever of Monkey Magic again in UK is quite unknown. Now they know about it through internet, but not sure.

So when the journalist ask many things seriously they are surprised. It was very good interview than most of Japanese one. Sakai san is glad the old program which japanese didn't pay attention so much now are still seen in UK.

Sakai san loves classic cars and last month he went to Italy to entry car race. He got national trophy (it means he was no.1 in Japanese entry). The cameraman (woman) loves classic car too, so she is exciting. They took tons of photo.

Sakai san glad UK monkey boom again. Because most Japanese want new stuff and don't pay attention old program. He sez if the program was good, it should be see again and again.

The interviewer said Sandy had a image of hippy, it was unexpected idea for us. The slowly character was real Kishibe's one.

They ask Sakaisan to play Monkey Action with long bar (like nyoibo ). And they even ask to pause Monkey Dance. He did laughing "I never do this for Japanese press, I do because they are from England". I 'm a few lackey Japanese who can see his Monkey Dance again.

By the way, Sans Filtre will appear live in London in October! This will coincide with the UK release of "Let's Go Spiders "(UK Spiders best album). The CD will release in October on ACE/BIGBEAT label."

Interview information from the Front journalist
Here's some information I received from the Front journalist who conducted the interview with Masaaki Sakai:

"The interview went well.

No, he doesn't have the costume or props... but i did get him to pose for a few snaps in a Monkey stylee with a black pole.

Also you might be interested to hear that there is a 'Monkey Dance', which was a craze he invented in the 60's. Will hopefully run pictures of that too.

Sandy turned out to be a bit of a dark horse. He was involved in an off-set romance with Tripitaka.

Masaaki Sakai's top 5 tunes are:
Kinks - you really got me
Beatles - Oh darling
Animals - Bring it on home to me
Stones - Hony Tonk woman
Four Tops - Reach Out
Sam & Dave - When something is wrong With my baby

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