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An interview with Masaaki Sakai appeared in the 21 September 2004 edition of Asahi newspaper in Japan. Click on the image below to see a larger version of it:
Masaaki Sakai interview in 21 September 2004 edition of Asahi newspaper in Japan

Here's an English translation of this article (many thanks to my Japanese friend Go for providing me with this):
"--[Obsessiveness with comedy] --

Masaaki SAKAI -M.C at "Hakkutsu! aru aru daijiten 2" -

There was a bitter time for this person.

He ruled the world as a vocalist of The Spiders. He said "I had too much western air, but it used to be a kind of idol stars."

After his solo debut, a smash hit with `SARABA KOIBITOYO` gave him new fans. It was a time after such a big achievement.

His job went down. He was hardly offered a job. He remembers as follows: "The bitterest experience in showbiz was not to be able to attract attentions in spite of being known by everyone."

He looked back on his life and said that it was the chance of revival to be able to declare shamelessly that I was so bad now. And there were people who gave him a oppotunity to break again.

Such a bitter experience might make him such a considerate man. He always tries to make us at home with his humour.
His job today was the programme about blood type fortune-telling topic. So he said laughing,"My blood type is A. I make everyone comfortable with reading atmosphere if I would hurt or not. It's my intuitive character."

He'll be a M.C. in new program at Nihon TV from next October. And his album which consists of his singles singing as a solo singer was released last August.
He has many aspects as an M.C., singer, actor, and Kakushigei king in New Year. But he says,"The centre of me is always just a man, Masaaki SAKAI." And he criticises himself simultaneously, "I am an unbearable man and can't devote myself to just one thing."
Such his talk attracts even someone new.

Fifty eight years old.
Now his age has exceeded his father's age at death, who was a comedy actor Shunji Sakai. And he's also been adhering comedy.
"I am at the age when people are likey to do with courage or with an unassuming stance. But it is almost impossible for me to act my age. There is still about-40years-old-man inside me." He seems to try making new style by aging again.

ref: 21st Sep, 2004, Asahi newspaper "

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