This page lists fans' interview questions (and the answers obtained so far) for David Weir, the guy who wrote the English scripts for Monkey.

1) How accurate is the English translation of Monkey to the original Japanese version?
2) I love the English narrator's sayings in Monkey - some of them are very surreal (e.g. "Even a starving camel is bigger than a horse"). Were these sayings as surreal in the original Japanese version of Monkey, i.e. were they directly translated into English?
3) How long did it take you to write the English scripts for all 39 episodes of Monkey? Did you translate the Japanese into English yourself?
4) Do you know why only 13 episodes of Monkey season 2 were dubbed into English, and the other 13 were never dubbed? Did you write translation for all 52 episodes, or just the 39 which were dubbed?
5) Were the English Monkey scripts ever published in a book? (I notice that the Water Margin adaptation was released as a book)
6) Apart from the Monkey LP and Monkey Magic single, are you aware of any other merchandise that was released in the UK, e.g. books, annuals, games, action figures?
7) Do you have the names of the people who dubbed the main English voices in Monkey, i.e. Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy, Tripitaka, Buddha, Narrator?
8) Do you have any other stories or anecdotes about when you were first approached by the BBC to write the English version of Monkey?

If you have any additional interview questions for David Weir, please send them to me using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll add them here.


1) David Weir's daughter sent me the following answer to this question:
"I can confirm without doubt that david weir didn't stick strictly to the translations, but made lots of Monkey up as he went along. I know for sure, cos he's my dad, and I remember him spending hours trying to find words to fit the mouths. In fact, he usually didn't even HAVE the translations - just a general storyline for each episode."

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