Radio Times (1979)

Back in 1979, David Weir (the guy who wrote the English scripts for Monkey) did an interview with BBC Radio Times magazine in the UK. This interview was published in the Radio Times issue for the week when Monkey was first screened by the BBC in the UK. (the first episode of Monkey was screened at 6pm on BBC2 on Friday 16 November 1979)

This was probably the first the British public ever heard about Monkey - the rest is history (David Weir was right when he said in the interview that the characters would get a following).

One interesting piece of information in this article is that, in order to write the English scripts for season 1 of Monkey (i.e. the first 26 episodes), he worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 9 months!

Click on the 2 images below to read the article, see a photo of David Weir, and read the interview.

Full copyright of this article is held by BBC Radio Times magazine.
It was first published in the UK in the BBC Radio Times magazine in November 1979.

First page of David Weir interview in Radio Times magazine from 1979 Second page of David Weir interview in Radio Times magazine from 1979

[Many thanks to Martin Day, webmaster of the excellent Marty's Web Pages: Monkey web site, for scanning in this article and sending it to me.]

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