Monkey Interviews

Monkey Interviews lists fans' questions for the main actors and crew of the cult Japanese TV series Monkey (sometimes called Monkey Magic), and gives details of any interviews that have taken place.

If you've got any questions for any of the cast or crew of Monkey, if you've got details of any interviews they've done, or if you can help arrange interviews with them, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll put the information here.

Masaaki Sakai [Last updated: 8 February 2005] - Interview questions for Masaaki Sakai, Monkey himself! Plus details of interviews that Masaaki Sakai has done.

David Weir [Last updated: 4 January 2002] - Interview questions (and the answers obtained so far) for David Weir, the guy who wrote the English scripts for Monkey. Also includes actual interviews that have been carried out.

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