Monkey Mailing List Guidelines

The Monkey Mailing List is a discussion list for fans of the cult Japanese TV series "Monkey" to communicate their thoughts, ideas, questions etc. about "Monkey" to other fans all over the world.

Here's a list of guidelines for posting to the Monkey mailing list:

1) Before posting a question to the Monkey mailing list, first of all check the Monkey FAQ and the Monkey Heaven web site to see if your question has already been answered.

2) Messages must be sent in plain text only. Any messages that are in MIME and/or contain HTML will bounce back from the mailing list.
- The main reason for this restriction is because of the Monkey Digest mailing list - if HTML / MIME messages were permitted, the digest would show these as quoted MIME / HTML directives, and this would make the digest unreadable, and this would annoy the digest subscribers considerably.

3) Messages may not contain attachments. Instead of emailing attachments, please upload the file(s) to a web site, and send the URL(s) to the mailing list instead.
- People reading their email from home / via a slow modem connection may not want to spend lots of time downloading attachments that they may not even be interested in. By posting the URL(s) of the files instead, it gives people the choice as to whether to spend the time downloading the file(s).

4) Sometimes, when you reply to a message, if you think your reply will not be of interest to the mailing list members, you may choose to send it directly to the sender of the message. Note that, to do this, after clicking Reply, you'll need to change the "To" address manually to the person's email address.
- By default, replies are automatically addressed to the mailing list address, to encourage discussions on the mailing list. Always check the "To" address before hitting Send, to see whether your reply is addressed directly to the sender or to the mailing list.

5) Before posting a reply to a Monkey mailing list message, please ensure that you edit out all the headers / footers and _unnecessary_ content from the message that you're replying to.
Most important - don't: just hit reply, then type a single line at the top of the message and hit Send.
- No-one wants to keep reading the same quoted message repeatedly, particular those people who receive the Monkey Digest emails. In many cases, it's even appropriate to delete the _whole_ of the message that you're replying to - and just send the text of your reply. The subject will indicate which message you're replying to, and very often this is enough.
- No-one wants to read a message that's full of header lines from a previous message.
- This is particularly important for Monkey Digest subscribers - it's not good 'netiquette' to include a copy of the whole previous Monkey Digest when you reply to a message within it. This would result in everyone receiving all of that day's messages again, and it would clog up everyone's mailboxes.

6) Monkey Digest subscribers: When posting a reply to a message in a Monkey Digest email, when you hit Reply, you should not send a message with the title "Re: Monkey Digest V1 #xxx". This is meaningless to the non-digest mailing list members.
- Instead, please replace the subject with "Re: " + the subject of the individual email message that you're replying to from within the digest.

7) Off-topic messages: If you're posting a message to the mailing list which you think will be of _interest_ to many of the Monkey mailing list members, please go ahead, but make sure you make the subject of your message: Off-topic:

8) Off-topic messages that aren't of general interest to the mailing list members, and which may cause widespread disapproval, e.g. talking about some bad experiences you've had with people of certain nationalities
- Please don't do this! Not only will people not want to read your message - it could spark off a huge off-topic argument that will annoy everyone, and will clog up everyone's mailboxes.
The mailing list is not here for this - we're here to talk about Monkey, and related topics.
Also, if someone starts a "controversial" off-topic discussion, if you want to comment on what they're said, please reply to them personally, not to the mailing list. Sending a reply to the mailing list can trigger off an epic off-topic email discussion that no-one wants to read.
Help to take these kinds of discussions _off_ the mailing list by replying to the person(s) concerned directly.

9) The mailing list only allows postings from email addresses that are subscribed to either the monkey or monkey-digest mailing list.
If you have more than one email address, and one of these is subscribed to the mailing list but the other isn't, if you post a message to the mailing list from your address that isn't subscribed to the mailing list, it will bounce to me for approval. If I recognise your name, I'll approve the message and send it on.
However, to prevent your messages bouncing - if you wish to email from your non-member email address most of the time, it's better that you swap your email address that's subscribed to the mailing list. Drop me an email at, telling me your old and new addresses, and I'll do the swap for you.
This situation will sometimes arise if your mail configuration is such that you subscribe to the mailing list using one email address, and this may be the address that everyone emails you at, but this is different from the From address that appears on your outgoing emails.

Two examples of why this could happen are as follows:

(a) if your email address was:
But when you send outgoing emails, your From email address appears as:
In this case, to allow you to both receive and post messages, it's best that you swap your email address to the second one (i.e. the one that appears as your From address)

(b) if you use a mail forwarding service, such as,,, or you forward your emails from Microsoft Outlook etc. You may have subscribed to the mailing list under your "permanent" email address, but when you post to the mailing list, you may prefer to use your email address that your mailing list emails are forwarded to. In this case, I'd recommend that you don't subscribe your forwarding email address, but that you subscribe your actual email address, to allow you to post to the mailing list easily.

10) When sending a message to the mailing list, always ensure that the subject of your message matches the content, i.e. it gives an indication of what the content is about.
If, for example, you reply to a mailing list message with the subject "[monkey] Monkey Videos", but you want to talk about buying the Monkey soundtrack CDs. By default, your message would have the subject "Re: [monkey] Monkey Videos", and it would contain the previous message about Monkey videos - but your reply would have no relevance to either the subject or the content. In this case, you should:
- Change the subject of your message to something more relevant, e.g. "Monkey soundtrack CDs?", and
- Delete the previous message content that talks about Monkey videos, since you're not really replying to it - you're talking about something different.

Ideally, when you want to send a message to the mailing list about a different topic, you should send a new message to the mailing list posting address (as opposed to replying to a previous message), and you should type a new subject line and message.

However, if you choose to write a new message by replying to an old one, please ensure you update the subject line to something relevant, and also delete all traces of the previous message.

If your message bounces from the mailing list server for any of the above reasons, please note that I will edit your message to remove the problemmatic comment (e.g. HTML tags, MIME codes, old headers and footers), and I will approve it and send it on to the mailing list on your behalf, so you don't need to resend it.
However, to make my job easier :-) - and to ensure that your message goes to the list as soon as possible without delay, please observe the above guidelines.
In some cases, if messages sent by a particular person bounce on a regular basis, I may choose to inform the person of the problem, and ask them to resend their message, after fixing the problem in their message.

If you have any problems or questions about the Monkey Mailing List, send an email to:

For details of how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Monkey Mailing list, please see the Monkey Mailing List web page.

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