Monkey Gifts

What can you buy for the Monkey fan who has everything? See below for some ideas!

1) Monkey DVDs / Videos [Monkey DVDs / Videos]
- Monkey DVDs and videos are available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, but you can order them from anywhere in the world. If you're in the USA / Canada, just order the videos from the UK, and get them converted from PAL to NTSC for very cheaply at a service such as

2) Godiego: Magic Monkey [Buy CD from CDJapan]
- This is the "Monkey soundtrack" CD which includes most of the songs from Monkey (see the Monkey Music - Magic Monkey CD page for full details). Note that this CD does not include the English version of "Holy and Bright" - to get that, you'll need to buy Godiego: Godiego Great Best Vol 2.

3) Monkey posters [UK Monkey videos promo poster / Monkey DVDs (UK) - Promotional Material]
- Two different Monkey promotional posters are available, made to coincide with the UK video and DVD releases of Monkey.

3) Monkey postcards [Monkey DVDs (UK) - Promotional Material]
- Buy a set of 13 Monkey promotional postcards, on sale to coincide with the UK DVD release of Monkey.

4) Monkey t-shirts [Monkey DVDs (UK) - Promotional Material]
- Buy a Monkey promotional t-shirt, made to coincide with the UK DVD release of Monkey.

4a) Lifesize Monkey cutouts [Monkey DVDs (UK) - Promotional Material]
- Buy a lifesize Monkey cutout, made to coincide with the UK DVD release of Monkey.

5) Monkey Books [Hsi Yu Chi / Journey To The West / Monkey King Literature]
- Buy an English translation of the original Chinese stories on which Monkey was based (either a massive 4-volume translation, or a smaller abridged version).

6) Masako Natsume photo books [Monkey Cast - Masako Natsume]
- Several photo books of Masako Natsume, the actress who played Tripitaka, are still available in Japan..

7) Hire a Monkey costume [Monkey Costume For Hire In The UK]
- Say no more!

8) The Water Margin videos / DVDs / books [Buy The Water Margin on video / DVD from Sendit "The Water Margin" book]
- For those people into NTV's earlier TV show "The Water Margin".

9) Monkey Games [Monkey Games]
- Lots of games that can either be downloaded for free, or bought.

10) Do songs from Monkey on karaoke! [Doing Songs From Monkey On Karaoke In London]
- Go to an authentic Japanese-style "karaoke box" and sing "Monkey Magic", "Gandhara" till the early hours.

11) Get a Monkey song ringtone into your mobile phone! [Ringtones]
- When they're not around, programme the ringtone for "Monkey Magic" or "Gandhara" into their mobile phone! THIS INCLUDES BOTH POLYPHONIC ONES TO BUY, AND MONOPHONIC ONES YOU CAN PROGRAM IN FOR FREE!

12) Oriental Cinema Monkey King issue [Oriental Cinema magazine]
- Buy this back issue of Oriental Cinema magazine, which not only includes an indepth article about the "Monkey" TV show we know and love, it also includes details of other TV and films adaptations of the Monkey story.

13) The Big Issue In The North Monkey issue [The Big Issue In The North Magazine]
- Buy this back issue of The Big Issue In The North magazine, which contains several Monkey-related features.

14) DVDs of shows / films by Monkey Cast [Masaaki Sakai TV shows on DVD / VHS Toshiyuki Nishida TV shows / movies on DVD / VHS] Masako Natsume TV shows / movies on DVD]
- Get to see other TV shows / films featuring the cast of Monkey.
WARNING: Most, if not all, of these videos / DVDs may be in Japanese only, with no English subtitles.
However, you can get Toshiyuki Nishida's film "A Class To Remember" on region 3 DVD with English subtitles from (you'll need a multi-region DVD player to watch this)

15) DVDs / VCDs / videos of Monkey Related / Remakes shows / films [Related Films Remakes info coming soon!]
- If you'd like to see other adaptations of Monkey (there's a lot of them!).

16) Godiego live CDs [Magic Capsule Intermission - Godiego Final Live]
- Listen to "Monkey Magic", "Gandhara" and other classic Godiego songs live!

17) Other Monkey-Related CDs [Japanese Monkey-Related CDs. Then look for them on CD Japan]
- CDs featuring Monkey cast members, and other CDs by Godiego.

18) Monkey art print [Oberon Art - Limited Edition Monkey Art Print .]
- For every Monkey fan's living room!

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