Monkey: A Tale From China

Photos from the London show!

(Photographer: Keith Pattison)
Buddha -
Aicha Kossoko Monkey
- Elliot Levey Monkey
(and the peach tree) - Elliot Levey Tripitaka - Inika Leigh Wright
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From 22 November 2001 till 26 January 2002 (originally 19 January 2002, but extended for 7 days due to public demand) the Young Vic Theatre in London staged "Monkey: A Tale From China" as its Christmas production. It wasn't a pantomime, and it was based on the original 16th Century story. With plenty of martial arts (Wushu) and flying it was a fantastic show. Over the last 7 years the Young Vic's productions at Christmas have been universally acclaimed as the best show in London.
The Young Vic's web site is at (note it no longer contains details about this production).

Later in 2002, it went on tour around the UK (Huddersfield, Oxford, Liverpool, Brighton, Chester)

I've heard that the advance sales for this Monkey show exceeded all box office records at the Young Vic Theatre!

Here's an article that appeared in the November 21-28 2001 issue of London's "Time Out" magazine, featuring an interview with Mick Gordon. Click on the image below to see a larger version of it.
Monkey article from November 21-28 2001 issue of London's Time Out magazine
Note: If after clicking on it to enlarge it, your browser shrinks it again to fit within the browser window, double-click on it, then click on the button that appears (with outward-pointing arrows) to enlarge it so that you can read it.

The Monkey: A Tale from China Reviews at The Young Vic - London - web page contains a review of this show from Thursday December 06 2001, Arts Archive :: /work/l01534770433/ contains information about this show and you can buy the programme that accompanied the show on Monkey! A Tale from China | Currency Press - Product Info | Colin Teevan.

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