Monkey and the Hung Well Monks

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There was a live stage production of Monkey produced in Western Australia in early October 2001!

"Monkey and the Hung Well Monks" was produced by the University Dramatic Society at the Dolphin Theatre, UWA campus, Perth from October 3rd to 6th.

The show was a spoof/homage to the TV show and ancient legend and included a live funk band on stage providing a funk backing and musical numbers; excellent fight scenes by trained hung boxers and kung-fu stunt-people and top class comedy from writer Zac Gillam.

(Bookings on (08) 93802440 or e-mail )

The organiser said: "I'm sure Monkey enthusiasts in Perth will get a kick out of seeing this Monkey returned to audiences. If you have any questions e-mail

Here's some information I've received from the show's organiser (some of this was received before the show took place, the rest was after it finished):

"Yours was the first site we went to when we began the concept of Monkey, but I was pretty sure it was a U.K. site, so we didn't approach you, preferring Aus. sites. In fact the costumes are all based on images from your website.

As for a video, we are planning to tape it, but the cost of distribution is a problem. There is a faint possibility that we may sell them if there is demand (we have already had other requests).

If you're interested, the show is roughly (very roughly) based on "the beginning of wisdom" (Ep. 7 (?) in the English translation). It starts off with Pigsy eating Yu Lung and being expelled from the expidition by Tripitaka. The crew then head for the Hung Well Monastry for provisions where they find a curse has been put on the well (making it alcoholic) by a demon spirit who comes monthly to eat a monk. Monkey then has to save Tripitaka who is taken by the demon spirit. Meanwhile Pigsy has "shacked up" with the spirit demons daughter. Hilarity ensues. We've had a great response from everyone involved. We even have one or two people coming from Melbourne and Sydney in the Eastern states. You could say they are making the "Journey to the West" (I promise I'll never subject you to humour that bad again).


The show was brilliant! We played to very large houses, selling out the Friday and Saturday show. We were so encouraged by the Friday night attendance that we put on two shows on Saturday. In the end we played to about 800 people and all seemed to enjoy it (but not as much and the cast and crew.

We also videotaped the show and we are just trying to get it transferred to a single tape. Once we find out how much dubbing will cost we will figure out whether or not we are going to issue a run."

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